Is Vung Tau worth visiting? Vung Tau in Vietnam is so popular that the beach lovers who live close to or far away Saigon (now called Ho Chi Minh City) know it. Many people choose it their weekend shelter all season. If seeking for travel information about this beach destination, follow the critical tips to know if Vung Tau is worth for visiting.

About Vung Tau in Vietnam

Vung Tau is the capital city of Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province, in the south of Vietnam. It is around 96km from Ho Chi Minh City. For most of the 20th century, Vung Tau stands out the premier beach destination that everybody first thinks to play at whenever they come to Saigon. Know that this popular city is situated at the tip of the picturesque peninsula! Such natural condition showers the city with the lovely landscape, the forested mountains, and the pure ocean wind. Most of the time, you see many fishing boats on the sea and numerous travelers on the beach. That makes Vung Tau exciting all season. People travel to Vung Tau Vietnam to enjoy a happy weekend on the beach as it’s free to swim, sunbathe, eat seafood, and visit Vung Tau’s spiritual sites.

Things to do in Vung Tau – Is Vung Tau worth visiting?

Vung Tau Beaches

The most favorite thing to do in Vung Tau is maybe swimming at beach. It is a must to swim in Vung Tau Beaches if you get there. The city owns some lovely sites for you to get immersed in the transparent water. Consider these names: Bai Dua (Pineapple Beach), Bai Truoc (Front Beach), and Bai Sau (Back Beach). These beaches ensure you find the excellent to swim, enjoy the sunset, and have seafood.

The Statue of Jesus Christ

What to visit in Vung Tau first? The 32m Statue of Jesus Christ with the outstretched arms is the captivating icon of Vung Tau. The statue covers the hollow inside and the 129-step spiral staircase. You step up to the neck of the statue while the two shoulders function as the balconies – each holds six individuals. In general, the interior of the statue has the capacity of 100 people. From the point, you enjoy the fabulous scenery. The statue itself is admirable as the biggest sculpture in the southern Vietnam.

The Statue of Jesus Christ in Vung Tau, Vietnam

The Statue of Jesus Christ in Vung Tau, Vietnam

Vung Tau Lighthouse

This is the other highlight built in 1907. The available telescopes give the travelers the panoramic view of Vung Tau City and the ships at sea. The Lighthouse helps direct the ships with the light as far as 64km away. Once reached the 18m-high Lighthouse, expect to the feast the eyes and breathe the entirely fresh air. The quiet and beautiful landscape enables people to feel peaceful.

Nghinh Phong Cape

Is Vung Tau worth visiting? Vung Tau is more attractive for domestic tourists than foreigners. This is a new, appealing attraction for the youth to enjoy selfie. Once the site is discovered, it attracts the young backpackers and photographers, especially the ones near Saigon. Here, you find the sea in the front and mountain in the back. The landscape wows everybody. From the cape, the view is panoramic and goes beyond your expectation. The blue sea and green carpet of forest provide the incredible sightseeing moments.

Hon Ba Shrine

Hon Ba Mountain has the modest height and the area of 5.000 square meters, on which an important shrine is located. This attraction is famous for the exotic submerged road leading towards the sea. In the right tidal time, the “mystical” path will appear, letting the visitors access Hon Ba Shrine – the favorite religious venue that the local fishermen come to pray for safeness. The best time to see the unique road is the 14th and 15th of lunar calendar every month. You need to consider the time to come back because when the tide rises, the road will be submerged by the clear seawater. Just like it never exists.

Ho Coc

Ho Coc is the premier site that many couples choose to record their wedding photography. With the mesmerizing beach, the cute sheep farm, and the lush forest, the ecotourism zone in Ho Coc is just perfect for a relaxing vacation. The young backpackers can have a great picnic at Ho Coc while the intended brides and grooms find it exciting to make the stylish poses. Each of them makes Ho Coc cheerful and bustling sometimes. Around Ho Coc lies lots of upscale resorts, hotels, and attractions that ensure to delight the prestigious guests.

Blue Stone Lake (Ho Da Xanh)

This particular attraction might sound strange to some travelers, but none can deny its beautiful and exotic charm. The blue stone lake is the perfect place for free photography whenever you travel to Vung Tau. The site mesmerizes people with the grandiose of mountain ranges and the calm, blue lake. They make up the real screenshot of paradise that you might dream of someday. So, just search for “Ho Da Xanh” online to view some images, then prepare and go!

Binh Chau Hot Springs

The famous hot springs are 60km from Vung Tau City. People love to soak in the fascinating outdoor pool of the Binh Chau Hot Spring. Its temperature is 37 Celsius degree, and the mineral water is very healthy for bones as well as skin tissue. Besides soaking, expect to experience boiling eggs in hot water, feeding the green monsters – the crocodiles, and enjoying the tasty cuisine in the expensive restaurants. You might also find a spa getaway, the tennis court, the water park, children playground, and the little golf course. Recreation is boundless in Binh Chau! In fact, any trip to Ho Coc includes the entertaining moments at Binh Chau Hot Springs. Some even choose to stay overnight in the bungalows here.

How to Get to Vung Tau City Vietnam

Get to Vung Tau by road

With proximity to Saigon (only 96km), Vung Tau can be easily reached by road. The bus/coach trip or self-driven car might take around 1.5 hours. But the trip might be longer due to the traffic jam as the route is involved in many motorbikes, trucks, etc. Anyhow, the flocks of travelers prefer driving to Vung Tau at the weekend and have fun there. You can easily get the bus tickets to Vung Tau at Mien Dong Station. Otherwise, the travel agents will get you there on the air-conditioned coaches.

Get to Vung tau by waterway

There are choices of hydrofoil and ferry from Saigon to Vung Tau. The boat trip offers the beautiful sightseeing of Saigon River and the smooth journey that helps avoid travel sickness. The exciting and scenic ferry might start from the Saigon Port, and then within 2 hours, it brings you there, the open ocean of Vung Tau.

Vung Tau Marina

Vung Tau Marina

When to Visit Vung Tau in Vietnam

Vung Tau experiences the monsoon tropical climate, with the average temperature of 27 Celsius degree. Also, there are two distinct seasons.

  • November – April: This period showers Vung Tau with the dry and sunny condition, which is perfect for a beach vacation with lots of outdoor activities. Sunbathing is best to enjoy at that time, as well as many other aquatic games. April marks the start of the hot time. In the common belief, the dry season is the best time to visit Vung Tau. So, you might want to consider these months.
  • May – October: This period gives Vung Tau some rain and the cool atmosphere. Though it is sometimes raining, people still love this weekend escape, as some don’t even care the rain. As a result, Vung Tau is still packed all season.

During Vietnamese Lunar New Year, you are not advised to go to Vung Tau because the city will be very crowded by local vacationers.

In conclusion, Vung Tau is a beach city closed to Saigon. For Vietnamese tourists, there are several things to do in Vung Tau. But for foreign travelers, many people still consider if Vung Tau is worth for visiting or not. International tourists prefer other beach cities in Vietnam much as Da Nang, Phan Thiet, Nha Trang…

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