Travel to Mui Ne Vietnam now has a unique and new recreational type of Fishermen Show – A Legend of the Fishing Village with cultural dancing on water and music stages. The dynamic and kicking show makes your stay in the beach shelter full of enjoyment by night. Get full information of “A Legend of the Fishing Village” Show with Vietnam Tour Operator !

The Unique and Only Fishermen Show in Mui Ne

This is the unique show in Vietnam that embraces the cultural traits of the fishing villages, combined with the contemporary dancing on the state-of-the-art water and music stages. When the performers dance on the attractive water and music stages, their performances become highly attractive and lively. In some moments, the audiences even feel like they are joining the legendary world of the fishermen.

The scripts denote the culture of the fishing villages in Phan Thiet Province including the fishermen’s clothing, the basket boats, the ritual ceremonies, etc. Meanwhile, the contemporary dancing makes it comprehensive and attractive to both domestic and foreign audiences. The Fishermen Show in Mui Ne enhances the hard-working and diligent nature of the “sons and daughters of the Sea” as well as their desires to discover the ocean. The full-of-light-and-music show is a must to enjoy in Mui Ne nowadays. The special traits of this show are the impressive use of LED light techniques, the giant water scenes, and the increasing water columns, which create the lovely sights of the sea and the fishing villages.

Fishermen Show in Mui Ne Vietnam - Schedule Show in Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 20:00, in Lang Chai Theater, Nguyen Thong Roundabout, Phan Thiet City

Fishermen Show in Mui Ne Vietnam – Schedule Show in Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 20:00, in Lang Chai Theater, Nguyen Thong Roundabout, Phan Thiet City

The 6 Chapters in a Mui Ne Fishermen Show

Within 60 minutes, the show includes both recreational and dramatic parts via 6 chapters as follows:

Chapter 1: Whale God Worshipping Festival and the Sailing Dance.

Chapter 2: The Enigmatic Ocean World.

Chapter 3: A Fisherman and a Princess of the Sea.

Chapter 4: The Evil Forces of the Deep Sea.

Chapter 5: The Defend from Gods of the Sea

Chapter 6: The Triumph of the Fishermen

During the one-hour show, the scenes are all built and transferred by the high-end Panasonic machine with DLP (Digital Light Processing), resulting in the eye-catching performances. There you find the English-speaking stories to follow (with the subtitles of Vietnamese, Chinese, and Russian), the emotional expressions via the contemporary dancing movements, and beautifully detailed costumes, the skillful equipment, etc., to meet the world-class show standard.

The party of light, music, and performers lets you fully experience how the traditional and legendary Phan Thiet Fishing Village looks like. From the authentic basket boats to the miniatures of the fishing life, every factor on the stage is ideal for photography and watching during the perfect nightlife in Mui NeKnow that the Fishermen Show, A Legend of the Fishing Village occurs on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 20:00, in Lang Chai Theater, Nguyen Thong Roundabout, Phan Thiet City. The ticket is from 200.000 VND to 500.000 VND.

The performances of around 135 well-trained actors and actress on the amazing Las-Vegas-like stage are worth enjoying, indeed. If you hold a passion for the fantastic show with skillful dance sequences, water music, synchronization, and choreography, then the Mui Ne Fishermen Show is a must to see. On the impressive water screens, the actors and actresses take you to the legendary and cultural world of the Kinh and Cham ethnics throughout the six chapters.

Fishermen Show in Mui Ne Vietnam

Fishermen Show in Mui Ne Vietnam

So now, it might be no need to go far to see the water music show. Right in Mui Ne, there stands out the interestingly cultural show of the Fishing Village on the magnificent water stages – the Fishermen Show. Most of the audiences find it great to cherish the professional choreography to describe the Whale God Worshipping Festival while the others love to follow the legendary and dramatic love between the Fisherman and the Princess of the Sea. So, become an audience of the Show soon to see what you like most.

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