The fame of Mu Cang Chai has been recorded in the paper, photo, video, and deep inside the mind of many tourists who have the lucky opportunity to explore the beautiful terraced rice fields. Know that Mu Cang Chai is one of the best destinations for Vietnam Photography Tours. Being a rural district of Yen Bai Province, Mu Cang Chai is peacefully nestled in the northeast of Vietnam. Following the National Road 32 from Hanoi Capital and you will approach the natural spot within the 290km drive.

The terraced rice fields in La Pan Tan, Che Cu Nha, and De Zu Phinh villages are spotlighted during the Mu Cang Chai Tour. The photographing opportunities are boundless and seamless here. So, what is the best time to photograph Mu Cang Chai Terraced Rice Fields ? In fact, there stand the three most significant times to snap the best of the natural highlights during its single crop per year (from June to October).

#1: The Start of the Crop – June

The Start of the Crop in Mu Cang Chai

June is the milestone of the beginning of the crop in Mu Cang Chai when the hill-tribe people here make the initial preparation for a new rice crop. The first summer witnesses the occasion of what is called “the falling water season”; the water is running from the peak of the field to its bottom. The water supply to the terraced rice field is very essential. Also, this season inspires the photograph hobbyists to record the local activities on the field. The hill-tribe people with the special clothing working in the group together with the water buffalo on the green rice field are the great subject to be taken pictures.

#2: The Middle of the Crop – from June to the middle of September

The Middle of the Crop in Mu Cang Chai

It is when you contemplate the evergreen scenarios of the immense terraced rice field which is overwhelmed by the compatible rice carpet. Promisingly, the green field can even cool you down despite the hot sun. The field is not crowded as there are a few local farmers working on it during this season. But if you tour this time, expect to ease the eyes with the wonderfully giant greenness.

#3: The Harvest Time – from late September to early October

The Harvest Time

Ever wanted to take pictures of the golden field? You make it right in Mu Cang Chai during the harvest time as the fields now look brilliant yellow with its fullest attractiveness. Many Mong ethnic farmers wearing their traditional attire come to the field to harvest the ripe rice, and it’s time for you to photograph the perfect blend of human and nature (mountains, hills, rice fields, bridges, streams, rivers, etc.). Also, you find the ethnic-minority moms that are working while carrying their infants by using their cloth as the cradle on the back. There are many kids available that run, chat, and giggle happily.

What could be more incredible than witnessing the change from green to yellow of the terraced rice fields of Mu Cang Chai? If possible, come in June and then September, you will find out the miracle with the most extraordinary photos ever. Magically, the enormous yellow staircases are said to take you from earth to heaven. Everybody will say “wow” the first time they look at your imposing photos about the green and yellow Mu Cang Chai field. So, trust us! You can freely photograph the natural highlights and the daily activities of the ethnic minority groups here.

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