Hue is romantic in each of its details, from culture to history, beauty, and food. Not only do the tourists come to this city to visit the Imperial Citadel, Perfume River, Thien Mu Pagoda, etc., but some also enjoy the Hue Street Food. The trip will lack something enjoyable if you skip the chance to eat the local signature dishes below.

#2: Hue Noodle with Beef

This is the soul of Hue Cuisine, setting this city’s delicacy apart from the other kinds of noodle soup. The noodle with beef covers the mysterious broth soaking the slices of beef, herbs, vegetables, lemon grass, banana blossom, etc. And, the broth is the key that determines the succulent level of this specialty. Though this food can be found in other regions of Vietnam, the one in Hue always ranks top with the secretive recipe of the so-called yummy noodle with beef.

#2: Mussel Rice

Unique, tasty, and nutrient are what to describe the well-known Hue Mussel Rice. This includes rice mixed with the boiled mussel, rice cracker, cabbage, chili, bean sprout, peanut, black pepper, pork skin chips, salt, cooking oil, etc. With various ingredients in a bowl, the food brings the delightful culinary experience, and you can enjoy the mussel with rice, noodle, or vermicelli. The different variations make this dish quite popular and a must to eat along the Perfume River. There are up to 13 seasonings used in order to create the different flavors. The yummy mussel soup will also steal your heart. In particular, the local mussel rice in Ta Quang Buu Street is worth trying.

Com Hen - Mussel Rice in Hue, Vietnam

Com Hen – Mussel Rice in Hue, Vietnam

#3: Steamed Rice Cake

The Hue Street Food Tour includes the highlight of “Bánh Bèo” or steamed rice cake which looks artistic by combing the white flour, orange dried shrimp, yellow shallots, etc. The lovely mini cakes urge people to savor their flavors. You can dip each piece into the well-spiced fish sauce or pour the sauce into the whole plate and consume one by one. This is the indispensable item in almost every street vendor booths in this royal site which serve as breakfast and brunch.

Banh Beo - Hue Steamed Rice Cake

Banh Beo – Hue Steamed Rice Cake

#4: Hue Pork Sausage

The pork sausage in this royal city is wrapped in banana leaves and goes through the secretive procedure of steaming together with black peppercorns and garlic. Often, it’s served with the noodle, vermicelli, rolled cakes, and rice. To enhance the taste, some patrons can add fried shallots, chili, and pepper to the plates of the pork sausage soaked in fish sauce. The taste is so special that makes Hue Food Tour the journey of distinction.

Hue Pork Sausage

Hue Pork Sausage

#5: Hue Dumpling

The hot dumplings on the bicycle carts have been the intimate images for both locals and guests who find warm-hearted and enjoyable to savor the sizzling and delicious stuffed dumplings, especially in the cool nights. The bike carts seem to move to every street corner to serve the foodies who want the hot Hue dumplings filled with egg, mushroom, carrot, pork, etc. Make sure you eat at least a little lump of dough there!

Banh Bao Hue - hot dumplings is a type of Hue street food

Banh Bao Hue – hot dumplings is a type of Hue street food

#6: Hue Gruel

Hue in Vietnam – The city of romance is rich in the kinds of sweet gruel, and you can find more than dozens of the gruels in this city street, such fruit gruel, grapefruit gruel, mung bean gruel, etc. Especially in summer, the gruel shops become packed with many locals and overseas guests. The Hung Vuong and Tran Phu Streets are featured with numerous touristy gruel eateries where to find the top-ranked desserts.

Che Hue - Very colorful sweet gruel

Che Hue – Very colorful sweet gruel

The street vendors sell quite well from the early morning to the late evening. If you love the local street food, accept to sit on the plastic stool and wait in line for your turn to be served with the yummy delicacies. In the romantic, fresh, and peaceful Hue, the foodies savor their treats and happily experience Vietnam Food Tour.