The foreign tourists should always learn lots of things before they travel to Vietnam in order to avoid any unwanted problem. Besides the tips on eating, shopping, using money and transportation, it’s crucial to get informed of the ways how to get Vietnamese Visa.


At first, the foreigners coming to Vietnam need to have a valid passport. The passport should be valid for over 6 months after the date when your vacation finishes. At the recent time, it’s required to provide the passport’s number, date and place of issue, and your birth details in order to confirm the services of airlines, cruises, or trains. Please note that your first and last names shown on the passport must be similar to those stated on your travel tickets.


A foreign tourist who holds a valid passport of whatever nationality needs to have entry visa. The visa can be obtained at Vietnam Diplomatic Agencies just around 3 – 7 days of processing. There are some exceptions for the citizens of the countries that have signed the unilateral or bilateral visa omission agreement with Vietnam; for instance, Japan, South Korea, Scandinavians, and most ASEAN countries.

In general, there are two main types of Vietnamese Visa: tourist visa and business visa. First, the Tourist Visa is available for 1 month single entry and 1 month multiple entry, with the maximum stay of 30 days and one-time extension of 30 days after the foreign travelers’ arrival in Vietnam. Second, the Business Visa requires the applicants to have approval through their sponsor in Vietnam. It’s featured with multiple entry and stay in Vietnam of 3 or 6 months.

The foreigners can get the visa right from the Vietnamese Embassy at their home country. For anybody that finds the process of dealing with paper work sounds rather inconvenient and difficult, they’re stimulated to take advantage of the online services. You just need to contact the travel consultant to get the complete details about the Vietnamese Visa online. Here is how you can apply online for a visa approval within 3 simple steps:

  1. Fill in the secure online form with your precise details including name, passport number, arrival date, and payment method.
  2. While your visa is processing, it takes 3-5 working days to receive the approval letter via email. Print out the PDF file and have 2 passport sized photos (4cm x 6cm).
  3. In the Vietnam Immigration checkpoints at one of your Vietnam’s airport, simply fill in an application form and display your printed approval letter, passport and photos. Then, paying for the stamping fee to get your visa stamped upon arrival. The stamping fee at the airport is $45 for single entry of 1 month/3 month.

Once you pay the service fee at your destination airport in Vietnam, the visa will be transferred to you by the Immigration Officers. Getting the Vietnamese visa on arrival is extremely convenient that enables both the foreign tourists and businessmen to arrive at Vietnam with no trouble. Thanks to such absolute convenience and comfort, Vietnam has been attracting more and more people coming to explore her charm and advantages. With the visa on hands, your stay in Vietnam is definitely smooth.

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