Hoi An is among the oldest cities of Vietnam, which attracts a huge number of tourists for its exclusive Japanese and Chinese architectures. Meanwhile, its ancient streets are authentically dotted with numerous street vendors who are in their Vietnamese silk pajamas. The historic town is perhaps the best place for tourists in both domestic and foreign contexts to learn more about the culture, tradition, and custom that the locals had for a period. Besides, it is easy to find the high-quality handicraft, souvenir, and cloth sold in Hoi An tourist destination – the most authentic gem of Vietnam. Your tour package to this ancient town gives you absolute chances to bring home the authentically cultural gifts and uniquely memorable experiences.

Basic Ideas about Hoi An Ancient City

Located in Quang Nam Province, Hoi An ancient city is best renowned for a rich collection of ancient houses, pagodas, and temples. In the 18th century, Hoi An was historically regarded as the commercial town of Chinese and Japanese merchants. It was the best destination for trading in Southeast Asia. Hoi An looks authentic and untouched while there stand many 200-year-old constructions remained as governmental relics. As a result, Hoi An becomes a magnetic tourist site for cultural and historic targets. So long as you hold interest in Vietnamese ancient culture and history, Hoi An Tour must be in the list.

What to See During Your Hoi An Tour Package?

First, Hoi An ancient town is featured with lots of small short and narrow roads that make it look like a chess board from a top view. Within this attraction, there remain several fantastic sites to contemplate such as the Japanese Bridge, the old houses of Phung Hung, assembly halls of Phuc Kien, etc. It is noted that there is little vehicle noise in this region, so tourists can peacefully enjoy walking on these quiet streets with no trouble. Meanwhile, the smooth music along your route makes you restful and your vacation more enjoyable.

Next, lanterns are great symbols of Hoi An. On the middle of every Lunar month, the locals mostly turn off all the electric lights and then replace them with thousands of impressive lanterns. From the main streets to the narrow alleys, the colorful lights from lanterns create fantastic picture for photographing. The lanterns in Hoi An are uniquely in various shapes thanks to the local artists’ skills. During festivals, lanterns are the most colorful decorated items. Right in Hoian old town, the tourists can try to make a lantern by their own hands at the local workshops. During nigh at full-moon day, Hoi An looks definitely fanciful and brilliant featured with numerous lanterns.

Your stay in Hoi An is additionally valued with a short excursion to Merchant Houses, where the ancient merchants used to show their goods. Nowadays, it is for galleries and antique shops. With unique architecture, Phung Hung old house was recognized as the national historical vestige.  Furthermore, remember to add names of these tourist attractions to your favorable list namely the Japanese Bridge, Phuc Kien Community Hall, Kim Bong Carpenter Village, Thanh Ha Ceramics Village, My Son Holly Land, and Cua Dai Beach. Among these, My Son Holy Land is the authentic house of many Cham Temples gathered in a valley and bordered by mountains; it was admitted as UNESCO World Heritage Site, so don’t miss it by all means!