Hazardous Destinations in Vietnam for Adventure Lovers
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Vietnam, in the eyes of foreigners, is a popular tourist destination with natural beauty, serene lakes, tranquil villages, ancient pagodas, and even eye-catching landscapes. But, if you are one of the thrill-seekers and adventure lovers, then there are still an unlimited number of hazardous destinations in Vietnam for you to discover, ranging from dense jungles and rugged mountains, to endless waterways, wide rice terraces, and winding passes.

he country is surely a place where tourists may challenge their brave by climbing up the majestic mountain or even plumbing the depths of coral reefs. Simply visiting here on a long adventure and you will then certainly be taken to a new level! The following are 4 thrilling destinations in the country for adventure lovers to check in.

#1: Pha Luong Peak, Moc Chau

Known as the Roof of Moc Chau, Son La Province, Pha Luong Mountain Peak is set atop at an altitude of 2,000 meters, which offers incredible views and cloudy vistas for both the locals and visitors worldwide. For thrill seekers, Pha Luong does possess a unique beauty in comparison with other mountains in the Northwest region. Expert climbers tend to conquer it as a way to challenge themselves.

It takes nearly one full day for tourists to reach the top of Pha Luong. They have to overcome wining slopes, bumpy roads and dangerous routes. Hence, reaching the peak does require their strong courage and stamina. But, the result is surely worth their effort. Besides, spending a night there gives them an opportunity to admire the breathtaking scenery and experience the icy fog that absorbs into their skin during the sunset.

Pha Luong Mountain Peak, Moc Chau, Vietnam

Pha Luong Mountain Peak, Moc Chau, Vietnam

#2: Mount Fansipan

At about 3,143 meters high above sea level, Mount Fansipan is considered the highest peak in Vietnam as well as dubbed as the Roof of Indochina. For that reason, the Mount promises to become an attractive destination for those who love exotic adventures. But, remember that conquering the summit has been a tough challenge for any climber. The best time to climb Mt. Fansipan is between September and March because it is the dry season.

Though the appearance of the cable car makes the trip to the summit easier and simpler with just 15 minutes, lots of the adventure lovers still choose to conquer it on their own as a way to hone their willpower and endurance.

Mount Fansipan, Lao Cai, Vietnam

Mount Fansipan, Lao Cai, Vietnam

#3: Tay Con Linh Summit

Located in Ha Giang Province, Tay Con Linh is not the highest peak in Vietnam (only 2.427 meters). However, it becomes one of the hazardous destinations in the country since this is a wild mountain with high level of danger for first-time adventurers. However, the hike up to the summit is quite doable for those with a good fitness level. You must go through primitive forests, deep abysses, and even muddy terrains. Nevertheless, trust us when we say that the blooming flowers, limestone rocks, and awesome mountain views will not make you disappointed at all. Contact Vietnam Tour Operator to customize your unique tour to the hidden North area Ha Giang!

Tay Con Linh Summit, Ha Giang, Vietnam

Tay Con Linh Summit, Ha Giang, Vietnam

#4: Ma Pi Leng Pass

Set at an elevation of 1.500 meters above the sea level and located between Dong Van and Meo Vac Distric in Ha Giang Province Vietnam, Ma Pi Leng Pass gains fame as the most rugged pass in the Northern Mountain. One side of the pass stands out with the deep chasms, while another side is emphasized by the erect cliff that has become a big challenge to those who love adventure. While the climb to the summit is very dangerous and thrilling, all sadness is vaporized when you are on its top and see spectacular unspoiled scenery like a fairytale.The name of Ma Pi Leng does make those who have a passionate interest in traveling long to arrive. To be sure, they will return the pass over and over.

Ma Pi Leng Pass, Ha Giang, Vietnam

Ma Pi Leng Pass, Ha Giang, Vietnam

After all, each destination in Vietnam stands out with unique features that certainly bring adventure lovers and thrill seekers unforgettable experience about the country’s landscapes and cultures. Travel to Vietnam soon.

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