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According to the People’s Committee of Hoan Kiem district of Hanoi, this district has completed the construction of the project of expansion of the space for the pedestrians in the center of Hanoi by adding more 9 pedestrian streets.

Consequently, the expansion of pedestrian space in the center of Hanoi will take 7 streets and two lanes, specifically: Hang Chieu Street, Ngo Gach Street, Nguyễn Siêu Street, Đào Duy Từ Street (between Hang Buom Street and Hang Chieu Street), Cau Go Lane, Hang Bạc  Street, Đinh Liet Street,  Gia Ngu Street and Trung Yen lane. These are the streets of Hanoi that must be preserved and have the common factors with current pedestrian streets.

If this project is realized, 9 streets will be combined with current pedestrian streets of Hanoi, including: Hàng Buôm Street, Mã Mây Street, Đào Duy Từ Street, Hàng Giày Street, Lương Ngọc Quyến Street, Tạ Hiện Street, Hàng Ngang Street, Hàng Đào Street, Hàng Đường Street and Đồng Xuân Street to create consistency and to promote cultural, gastronomic values, business services…to meet the needs of visitors.

According to the plan of the People’s Committee of the district of Hoan Kiem, the operating time of 9 new pedestrian streets is similar to that of current pedestrian streets, more specifically, there 3 nights of weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), from 19 hours to 24 hours (in the summer) and 18 hours to 24 hours (in the winter). Commercial establishments around the pedestrian streets of Hanoi can open until 2am.