Apart from the term of The New World of Natural Heritage, people also remind Ha Long as the city of cultural and art events, festivals of Vietnam. The time for festivals in Ha Long may last in the whole year, especially in springs and summers.

As the Vietnamese’s customs, on the first days of a year, people try to arrange their Tet holiday to go on a pilgrimare and enjoy traditional festivals in temples and pagodas in the country so that they can pray health, safety and luck for their family and themselves. On that days, HaLong residents and people from other places usually go to Long Tien pagoda, the largest one in Ha Long city. This pagoda located on the foot of Bai Tho mountain is a historic monument and a famous sightseeing as well. The traditional festival takes place on the 24th, March according to Lunar calendar that attracts thousands tourists every year. The most important activity in this event is the procession carrying a palanquin following a route of Long Tien pagoda – Duc Ong temple – An Duong Vuong temple – Long Tien pagoda. The festival is meaningful to Buddhist followers in particular and Vietnamese people in general.

If the first three months of a new year (Lunar month) is the period time for religional festivals in Ha Long City, the time after that is for other cultural and tourism events.
As expected, in late April each year since 2007, thousands, millions even, people from Vietnam and other countries are excited to reach Ha Long and see the most interesting event of the year Ha Long Carnival.

Outstanding activities in Ha Long Carnival

Carnival of Halong City

Ha Long Carnival is a kind of street festival with the participation of about 5000 amateur and professional artists and a large amount of investment from Quang Ninh’People’ Comittee. The event is taken place with the expectation to bring visitors the image about Ha Long, a city of unique, diverse culture and to encourage Ha Long tourism as well. And the festival really did it when attracted over 10 thousands tourist last year, 2013 on the open day. What an amazing number!

This year, Ha Long Carnival is going to kick off on the 30th , April under the theme of “Quang Ninh – Integration and Spread” and expected to meet the target of 500,000 tourist on that week.
According to Vice Chairman of Quang Ninh provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism Hoang Quoc Thai, the event will take place across the whole province with various cultural activities seperated into 3 main parts. They are opening ceramony, art performance on stage and carnival parada and masquerade festval. It is estimated to have about 3800 artists taking part in these activities. Just by looking at the so good preparation of the host, we are sure to enjoy a real party of colour, sound and actiivities.

Under the plan of festival, people are able to joinin many other activities that is full of custom and cultural regional characteristics.
Another attractive festival held in the tourism city of Ha Long is Cherry Blossom Festival. This is also a annual meaningful event that is representative for the neighbor friendship relationship between Vietnam and Japan by performing visitors the beauty of Japanese flower and culture as well.

Despite of being the 2nd time, the Ha Long Cherry blossom festival leaves tourists a big impression. This year, the three – day festival from 11st April is so successful when showing about 20 cherry blossoms trees and 40 stalls selling both Quang Ninh’s and Japanese’ products, cuisine and souvenirs. Many people at every age came, took beautiful photos and enjoyed the festival.
To sum up, we can see that festivals are important to places who want to bring their name to others. Ha Long City is the clearest proof for any tourism industry. With the attention of visitors for the city, we believe that Vietnam image will be more and more attractive in foreign friend’s mind.