Halong Bay has long been called a majestic scenic destination situated in Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam, is defined for its rich collections of mountains, clouds, water, grottoes, and caves. Arguably, to some individuals, Halong’s beauty is unrivaled and its charm is nowhere on Earth can compared. No matter how many times you have encountered its name, nothing can replace your real experiences in sightseeing, sailing, and getting entertained around the Bay and its surrounding essentials.

Basic Information to Digest about Halong Bay

Halong Bay in Vietnam, located in the Gulf of Tokin, covers thousands of islands and islets creating a breathtaking seascape of numerous limestone pillars. Due to the fantastic nature, most of the islands are reported as uninhabited and remain uninfluenced by human forces. The accessibility of marine invasion within Halong Bay has added a plus element to the regular process of sideward undercutting of a wide array of limestone towers and islands. In the whole natural structures, there stand the notches which are exceptionally well promoted and spread into many caves and arches. Along with that, Halong Bay is distinctively featured with plenty of lakes and spacious limestone islands.

In extensive contexts, limestone caves are identified with three major types including the old caves shaped below the water table, the old karstic foot caves created by lateral undercutting of cliffs at base level, and marine notch caves framed at sea level where structures of rock are robustly corroded and at last declined to a wave cut platform. The whole natural complex structures of Halong Bay are admitted worldwide and it is officially voted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Vacation in Halong Bay for Year-round Enjoyment

It is said that Halong Bay is like nowhere else on the planet. As one of the world’s natural wonders, Halong stands out as a superior must-see destination promoted with natural ingredients and manmade intelligence. The presence of many world-class cruises on sea elevates the charm of limestone karsts and various sized islands. Surely, on UNESCO status, Halong Bay secures your stay well from sightseeing to entertaining and enjoying national cuisine. Together with the gifted constituents, this destination also hosts a large diversity of offshore coral reefs, mangrove forests, sandy beaches, modest freshwater lakes, and freshwater swamp forests. So, there are many things to do here from sunbathing to swimming, kayaking, and snorkeling.

During your winsome tour package to Ha Long Bay, you can witness gorgeous grottos, big caves, and also experience how it is called with such a name: the dragons descended from the heavens to support the locals by spitting jade and jewels into the sea that forms an artistic fortress against almost any invaders. While being onboard of Halong Cruises, in stress-free ambiance, sail the water and get immersed into the magnetic seascape. Due to your budget, opt for a Cruise that best suits from traditional to private and deluxe one. It sounds like you’re staying on a 5-star floating hotel which is well-equipped with full amenities. Freely wake up on the Bay and sightsee the legendary scenes. From your comfortable cabin, enjoy the stunning sunset view over the Bay. Additionally, kayaking in turquoise water for wholesomely new experiences!

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