Halong Bay now is the most popular destination in the North of Vietnam. The boat station has more than 800 boats serving travelers visiting the bay, and nearly 200 of them have cabins for overnight stays on the bay. Thus the only negative thing when traveling to Halong Bay is that there are too many tourist boats on the same route in many parts of the bay. At night, all of the boats gather in the same area like a small lighted city.

To avoid this congestion, Indochina Charm Travel cooperates with Indochina Junk to take a different route and provide different activities on Bai Tu Long Bay. This gives you a truly authentic trip to Halong Bay on a classic traditional style Junk. On this trip, you can discover beautiful scenery on Bai Tu Long Bay and enjoy a peaceful and quiet route. You can also see many old style local fishing boats that have replaced the tourist junks.

Dragon Legend Cruise inBai Tu Long Bay

Dragon Legend Cruise inBai Tu Long Bay

On the cruise, you will also have a chance to discover Halong Bay in a most detailed way by kayak. The junk will stop at a beautiful area, and you can experience the beautiful nature of Halong at your own pace, kayaking close to beautiful islets or small caves, so that you can view the beauty of the rocks and the interesting vegetation of the bay.

On the cruise, you can visit a typical fishing village. The local people in the village will take you from the junk to their village in a traditional basket boat. You can paddle around the village before visiting a fish farm and interacting with a local fish man. You can also visit the village school before returning to the junk.

We also have a very nice surprise for the group on our last day at the bay with dinner in Thien Canh Son cave. The crew will go ahead and prepare a BBQ dinner in a very sophisticated, romantic, candle lit setting. Anticipation will build as you follow a candle lit path from the mouth of the cave to the authentic dinner which awaits you inside. It is really a very good treat far exceeding the expectation of the group, and it will always be the highlight of this tour.

Non-Touristy Halong Bay Cruise Trip is always the first choice for our Vietnam Overland Tour.