Ha Noi today has been changing her face to better serve the party girls and boys all over the world. There are numerous night party establishments for the party souls to indulge in after the sunset. Together with the alive and kicking bars, the clubs and opera house in Hanoi ensure you all to boost the night happily with the fun-loving expats and locals.

A Glimpse of Ha Noi Nightlife

Ha Noi has lots of distinctive things to fulfill your night, making it different from any other capital in Southeast Asia. While it doesn’t win an award for the world-class nightspots, there exist a multitude of enjoyable places to see and things to do here after the sun goes down.

Because of strict local law, bars and nightclubs in Ha Noi won’t open after midnight; however, there are some places that remain open busily until the local authorities appear. Besides, if you’re keen on the real Hanoi-an nightlife pursuits, just come to the bustling streets, sit on the plastic stools, and drink the Vietnamese beer (called “bia hoi”). There are some districts being busier than the others. So, it’s very prudent to consider the list of the best Ha Noi nightlife destinations before you venture out at night.

The Ideal Night Party Establishments in Ha Noi

Referring to the nightclubs in Ha Noi, let’s first vote for Minh’s Jazz Club, the ideal place to feast the ears with beautiful music performed by the best musicians in Ha Noi. Be a part of that inspiring club to listen to the Vietnamese jazz, watch the performance of the talented bands, and savor the finest drinks in the high-quality entertaining venue.

Another fascinating club to explore is Funky Buddha Club – the establishment to go in Ha Noi for the bass heavy beats. It is the little, two-story bar with the live DJ playing good music all night long and offering the reasonably priced drinks. Besides, if you’re standing on Ly Thai To Street, Ha Noi, please proceed to the upscale Hanoi Press Club to enjoy the high-class service and luxurious zone for the exciting night out with wines, cocktails, snacks, etc. A special note about this club is the buy-one-get-one-free program when selecting drinks every Thursday.

If you’re looking for the specialized beer center, come to Legend Beer on the northern edge of Hoan Kiem Lake! It is the best place to relish a cold beer, wheat beer, lager, the decent list of German-style dishes, etc., and mingle with the locals. Here, you feel like they are the parts of the relaxing city with lots of fervent street actions. The night out becomes extremely exciting right in Dragonfly Bar Lounge in the Old Quarter where to enjoy large cocktails, party pop music, and the flavorful shisha pipe.

Dragonfly Bar Lounge

Dragonfly Bar Lounge

Nightlife in Ha Noi is truly “fresh and safe” in Vietnam Central Circus – the family-friendly and funny place to view live animal performances, clowns, acrobats, etc. If parents want to bring their kids out at night in this capital, they’d better buy tickets in this circus from 20:00 – 22:00. The two other classic night establishments for a family should always be the Water Puppet Theater and the Hanoi Opera House. While the theater gives you the real lesson about the ancient artistic water puppetry depicting Vietnamese myths and folklore, the opera house brings you to the colonial zone in which the history and live opera performance live long in the mind. In both cultural centers, advanced booking tickets are greatly recommended, particularly on the weekend. Sometimes, the opera house has no performance scheduled, but it’s still full of visitors coming to contemplate the significant colonial architecture at night.

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