So long as you desire to boom the honeymoon with the restless joy, book your Vietnam honeymoon vacation to Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island! In most of the time, be mindful to ask the mate to enhance the sense of like-mindedness. Some essential criteria of the tour offerings, notes, and details should be taken into account to finalize the best options of sweetness!

Expect What in Honeymoon Travel at Halong and Cat Ba Island

Viet Hai Village, Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

While Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage site, gives the newly wedded couples advantageous chances to sail, kayak, play game in the lovely ambiance and spectacular seascape. Lots of limestone pillars available help to boost ones’ experience in the zones of nature. Want to express the sound of love in the islands of originality?

It is informed that most of the islands in the Gulf of Tonkin are uninhabited by human; hence, when setting foot on the lands, remember to whisper the words of true love! With up to 1,600 islands and islets, Halong Bay elevates everybody’s biological endeavor. The site’s fantastic picturesque beauty will win you two’s heart from the first time of contemplating. The most favorable way to enjoy the honeymoon in Halong Bay is traveling on one of various luxury cruises. Right on the boat, hold the mate’s hand and witness the beauty of nature while enjoying the good wine or delicious seafood. Some small junks of one cabin like Princess Junk, Bhaya Legend are exclusive for couple’s charter.

When leaving the boat and heading to Cat Ba Island, the honeymooners ought to expect to discover the beaches and climb the rocks as well! Ever wanted to scale a cliff? Right in Cat Ba, you are granted chances fulfill the trip with fun and adventure. It is cool to show the new brides how strong and adventurous you are. Being vastly known as the Pearl Island for the Honeymoon of a lifetime memory, Cat Ba guarantees your trip with the countless number of things to do and expect from water park resorts to private beaches. Couples who look for isolation are recommended to stay at resorts located on small islets like Monkey Island Resort, Cove Beach Resort, etc.

From Hanoi, the honeymooners find it feasible to travel to Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island as well. Definitely, no ones want to say goodbye to the Island of Pearl since it gives them everything they seek for in the exciting trip with the incalculable number of honeyed words. Featuring up to 366 islands that make up the southeastern edge of Ha Long Bay in Northern Vietnam, Cat Ba Island holds the dramatic and rough characteristics of the Bay.

Trip Notes for Honeymoon Tour in Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island

Normally, the visitors are likely to tour from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay and Cat Ba Pearl Island or vice versa. Whatever route you take to roam around the destinations, you get the total freedom and satisfaction when staying in Vietnam. Besides, before leaving the islands, always remember to try the local cuisine with lots of tasty seafood namely shells, shrimps, jelly fish, lobsters, squids, etc.

There are some essential things to bring such as sun cream, hat or cap since the sea-breeze may dry your skin. Especially, though seafood in Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island is great and magnetic, inform the guides of your or the mate’s problems with seafood to reduce the unexpected food allergy and receive the dishes of flavor.