How to Get Successful Night Squid Fishing in Phu Quoc Island
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Night squid fishing is among the most exciting things to do in Phu Quoc Island, and most tourists opt for this activity when they are in this “Pearl Island.” Some people believe whether or not they can catch the squid is due to luck, but in fact, there stand out several important tips for the successful experience. Here is the quick how to get successful night squid fishing in Phu Quoc Island.

#1: Make sure you’re free from seasickness for night squid fishing in Phu Quoc

Squid fishing is a favorable type of entertainment in Phu Quoc Island, and people often begin this activity from 5:00 PM when the fishing boats come to the pier. The first and foremost thing that travelers need to make sure is their health status: they don’t have problems of seasickness. When the boat anchors and the sea waves hit the boat, this makes those who get seasick feel very uncomfortable. Also, the duration of this activity is quite long, and if you are seasick, it might turn out to be a terrible experience.

And if you’re seasick, but still really want to experience this service, try to take the medicines before you embark. Or, you can drink the ginger tea or put slices of ginger in the mouth to avoid seasickness. If these ways have worked in the previous cases, then you can try out this activity if insisted. Again, the cruising time to reach the ideal places for squid fishing is quite long.

Night Squid Fishing in Phu Quoc Island

Night Squid Fishing in Phu Quoc Island

#2: Use overcoats to keep yourself warm when you’re off-shore in Phu Quoc Island

The average temperature in the days of Phu Quoc Island is 28 Celsius degree, but in the evening, it decreases and especially gets cold in the off-shore areas. On the fishing boats, you will face the direct sea wind and breeze which might influence the health. Therefore, ensure you wear the overcoats or the scarves to keep yourself warm enough. Also, wear the comfortable garments that enable you to move easily on the boats and do squid fishing.

#3: Eat the hot squid porridge on the boat

Some people misunderstand that eating full will help them to avoid seasickness. However, the truth is the opposite because the full stomach will easily drive you to vomit. The good solution is to eat some light food like a sandwich, dumpling, potato, etc., and then save some tummy spaces for the hot squid porridge which can even reenergize you.

Eat the squid on the boat

Eat the squid on the boat

#4: Know that the squid fishing service might be unavailable in Phu Quoc during the full moon

To gather the squids in one place for squid fishing in Phu Quoc, local fishermen will use the electric lights hung on their boats. However, if it is the full moon, the moonlight is widespread and this prevents the opportunities to “trick” the squids. Hence, the service might become unavailable, but if insisted, you can also get served by some local providers. Anyhow, understand that on normal days, to fish the squids, the locals use the electric lights to “trick” this sea species. The darker the sky, the easier you can fish the squid by using the colorful electric lights. Often, the boats of this service will depart at 5:00 PM, but you can negotiate and ask them to leave at 6:00 PM when is the best time to start squid fishing.

#5: Enjoy your “squid prizes” right on the fishing boats

Most squid-fishers can successfully catch the squids provided that they have the right chum, right fishing rod, and right fishing place. So, with the squids caught, just ask the locals to process the fresh ingredients and cook for you. Then, enjoy the grilled seafood onboard.

Carry out tips for squid fishing in Phu Quoc to see if this activity is rightly enjoyable for you to travel back to this “Pearl Island” over and over again.