Hanoi never stops pleasing the locals and visitors. The opening of Hanoi Opera House even makes the fame of the city more appealing. While the Hanoians are eager to discover the architecture, history, and art in the Opera House, the international travelers might share the similar eagerness. For any next travel to Hanoi, make sure you see what is inside the impressive House.

What to Know about Hanoi Opera House

This is an Opera House located at the August Revolution Square, overlooking Trang Tien Town, in the center of the capital city. Historically, the Hanoi Opera House was constructed by the French Colonial Administration during the periods of 1901 – 1911. That said, the Opera House in Hanoi was the miniature of the Palais Garnier, the older of the two Opera Houses in Paris. The architects of this building were Broger et Harloy who modeled in on the Palais Garnier, with the architecture of the southern France of the early 20th century, and the capacity of 900 seats.

Since the formation, this site has been known as the big and iconic landmark in the Vietnam’s capital. The Opera House has the proximity to the other attractions of Hoan Kiem Lake and National Museum of Vietnamese History, which together make up the fantastic cluster of interest to visit during the Hanoi Tour Packages. Passing through the ups and downs of history, this construction has been witnessing various important events and performances. This was the cradle of the Vietnamese art stages with various kinds of music and dramas. There, the political events were held such as the first National Assembly of Vietnam met and passed The 1946 Constitution of Vietnam. In fact, the Hanoi Opera House was considered as the evidence of the historical stages of the city when cultures amongst countries were well-blended.

Hanoi Opera House located at the August Revolution Square

Hanoi Opera House located at the August Revolution Square

The Opera House is measured as 87m long, 30m wide, and 34m high, and has an area of 2.600 square meters. After being repaired from 1995 to 1997, the Hanoi Opera House continues is function to hold up various cultural and artistic events performed by both Vietnamese and international artists. With the widespread reputation, beautiful architecture, central location, and affordable rental fees, the Opera House in Hanoi welcomes more and more event organizers and participants all over the world. Recently, on September 11th, 2017, the House was opened to visitors to learn about its history and architecture, and enjoy the art performances.

The Visit Program to Hanoi Opera House

People now can buy the tickets to visit Hanoi Opera House. The visit program takes place from 10:30 to 12:00 on Monday and Friday every week. The ticket price is 400 thousand VND which can be discounted 50% for the elders and the veterans. Together with the fixed programs as stated above, the Opera House is scheduled to also open to the travelers as follows:

  • 12th, 17th, 21st of October
  • 16th, 21st of November
  • 7th, 16th, 28th of December

With the well-trained tour guides and staffs, the House ensures the visitors to get the exact understanding of its history, architecture, and function. At present, there are around 5-7 travel guides available in the Opera House to serve the guests. According to some Hanoians, this was the first time that they could enter the Hanoi Opera House and discover what was inside, even though they have been living in Hanoi for decades. Most of the locals are eager for this generous opening.

Entrance fee to Hanoi Orepa House is at VND 400,000

Entrance fee to Hanoi Orepa House is at VND 400,000

The visit program to Hanoi Opera House includes the two main parts. The first part is about learning the history and architecture of the site while the second part is dedicated to enjoying the art performances. When people set foot on the age-old staircases erected in 1911, they evaluate the remnants of history.  And, when they enter the conference rooms of 20,5m long and 19m wide, they are impressed by the grandeur, solemnity, and elegance of the rooms. Know that these important rooms did welcome the presidents and famous people all over the world such as the U.S. President – Bill Clinton, the CEO of Microsoft – Bill Gates, The President of Russia – Vladimir Putin, and more.

When it nearly comes to the performing time, the visitors wait in the VIP rooms where used to serve the prestigious characters who came to enjoy the drama and music. Notice that the ideal spot to view the whole inner architecture of the Opera House is the third floor. From this spot, you obtain the panorama of the construction and realize how grandiose it is. The visit is concluded with the art performances that make the whole scenery filled with color, light, and music. Hundreds of photographs are taken as everybody wants to record the moments when they stay in the historical and significant site which used to be “not for everybody.” Not only do the tourists want to see the Opera House during their Hanoi travel, but also the Hanoians themselves are curious about the magnificent construction in the center of the city.

In comparison to the Opera Houses in Saigon and Hai Phong, Vietnam, the Opera House in Hanoi has the most finished architecture. The one of Saigon is the small counterpart. In that sense, if you are looking for the most outstanding and praiseworthy Opera House in Vietnam, then travel to Hanoi, buy the ticket and enter the site. After the meaningful introduction of the Hanoi Opera House’s history and architecture, you are treated as the prestigious characters to savor the world-class art performances. The visit program guarantees everybody to have a complete understanding of this significantly iconic landmark in Hanoi.

So, on Monday and Friday every week, get to the Hanoi Opera House and become the history-and-architecture learners as well as the art fanciers. Also, take note of the extra programs on this November and December of 2017 so that you get more opportunities to reach the fantastic Opera House than ever. Please listen to the travel guides on the spot so that you won’t miss any important and correct information about Hanoi Opera House.

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