Ngoc Son – Ngo Luong Nature Reserve (Ngọc Sơn Ngổ Luông in Vietnamese, also named Ngoc Son – Tu Do) is located in Hoa Binh Province, in the northwest of Vietnam. This protected site is recommended for tourists who want to get out of the bustling cities and mingle with true nature. People have experienced tours to this green site and come back with full of energy and refreshing mind.

Scientific Information about Ngoc Son – Ngo Luong Nature Reserve

  • This Nature Reserve belongs to Ngoc Son and Tu Do communes, Lac Son District, Hoa Binh Province. This area is located in the northeast side of the limestone ranges stretching toward the northwest from Cuc Phuong National Park to Viet-Laos land border. The topography has characteristics of the limestone mountain areas, with steep and bumpy terraces. Between the karst is some flat valleys running toward the northwest-southeast. Its elevation ranges from 100m to 1.065m, with the average height of the limestone peak as 600m.
  • It has an area of 10.000 hectares, but the border of this proposed Nature Reserve has not been defined.
  • Its map coordinate is 20o21′ – 20o30′ N, 105o15′ – 105o29′ E
  • Ngoc Son was not included in the Decisions of the government regarding the special-use forest systems to be established in 2010 prepared by FPD of the MARD (FPD, 2003).
  • In 1996, Hoa Binh Provincial People’s Committee proposed to establish the Nature Reserve in Ngoc Son Hoa Binh with an area of 10.000 hectares (MARD, 1997). However, to date, the investment project has not been prepared while the management board has not been established too.
  • There will prepare investment projects to build the Nature Reserve in this area. It is a part of the programs to “protect the limestone landscape of Pu Luong – Cuc Phuong.
Buffer zone of Ngo Luong Nature Reserve

Buffer zone of Ngo Luong Nature Reserve

Biodiversity and Conversation Topics in Ngoc Son – Ngo Luong Nature Reserve Hoa Binh

The detailed surveys on the local biodiversity have not been made, which results in the very little information about the flora and fauna in Ngoc Son. Using the statistics from the satellite images in 1995, this area was largely covered by the primitive forest in the limestone sites. The limestone region was said to be not suitable for agriculture. On the other hand, the flat valleys were inhabited and the forest nearby the valleys were cleared for agriculture. Also, illegal logging, forest product usage, and limestone exploitation are the major threats to wildlife.

The Ngoc Son Nature Reserve in Hoa Binh is located next to Cuc Phuong National Park and Pu Luong Nature Reserve. Therefore, it can hope that the flora and fauna systems of Ngoc Son are similar to these two protected sites. In particular, Ngoc Son recorded the presence of the Delacour’s langur (Trachypithecus delacouri) (Luong Van Hao, 1999).

Minority Ethnic People living in Ngoc Son Ngo Luong Nature Reserve

Minority Ethnic People living in Ngoc Son Ngo Luong Nature Reserve

Hoa Binh Tours to Ngoc Son – Ngo Luong Nature Reserve

Preserving one of the most praiseworthy pristine landscapes, Ngoc Son Ngo Luong Nature Reserve welcomes nature lovers to contemplate intact beauty as well as rich ethnic heritage. People can get Hoa Binh Tours to this Nature Reserve from Hanoi that will take the 4-hour drive. The trip will cover the homestay experience and wildlife sightseeing. Guests will enjoy staying in the stilted houses and communicating with ethnic groups. The tour routes take you to the beautiful and pristine corners in which you see how charming the real nature is and how kindly the Thai and Muong ethnic villagers treat you just like families.

Some people also call Ngoc Son Nature Reserve as the “Jurassic Park without dinosaurs” as the scenery is primitive and pure. Expect to marvel at the captivating waterfall and the peaceful rice fields for the nice trekking experience that you won’t likely forget.

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