Vietnam owns a rich collection of festive and ceremonial activities, which are celebrated to enhance the national spirituality and healthiness. And if you’re keen on the topic of festivals in Vietnam, it’s necessary to spend long time studying and experiencing its whole special and exclusive sets. Since this is the great topic, anyone coming to Vietnam should not miss joining in some of the national festivals. The cultural value is greatly boosted during the festive time. Traditionally, there stands a wide range of exciting festivals and events, ranging from the simple to the complex and more meaningful operation. While some are to show respect to the national heroes and builders, others aim to entertain the whole community and commemorate some wonderful events.

In regards to the locations where the festivals take place, they can be celebrated on the national scope or on the certain regions. About the type of activities done in Vietnam’s festivals, there lie two majors including ceremonial rites and entertaining activities. While the ceremony rituals aim to remind the participants of some traditionally respectful values, the entertaining operations enable them to revive and refresh themselves for a better new life. In general, the festive days are measured by the lunar calendar. Once dates and months are identified, some of the biggest events are engaging enough to call for the worldwide visitors’ attention. Whether you’re keen on the cultural events or spiritual festivals, Vietnam promises to fulfill your needs well. At any time you choose Vietnam Tours, don’t forget to partake in Vietnam Festivals as this is one of the best ways to explore Vietnam and her quintessence.

A whole picture of Festivals in Vietnam takes time to draw for completion. It is the best news to inform you that each month in Vietnam is featured more than one festival throughout the country. Your year-round holidays can be completely invested in festive enjoyment. Plenty of festivals and remarkable events are organized from January to December and you will need to note the time down for the later review. Once again, please note that the time frames are calculated due to the Lunar Calendar.

And if you hold curiosity about the kinds of festivals in Vietnam, here is the brief guide for you.  

First, Vietnam National Wide Festivals are held in national scope, covering some eminent examples as Lunar New Year, Vu Lan Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Hung Temple Festival. When it comes to the Northern Vietnam, please include names of these special events, such as Buffalo Fighting Festival in Phu Tho Province, Yen Tu Festival, Bai Dinh Pagoda Festival, Yen Phu Communal House Festival, Mach Lung Temple Festival, etc. In reference to the central highland Vietnam festivals, there lie several for you to note down and experience soon including Kate Ceremony, Elephant Race Festival, Buffalo Slapping Festival, Ra Glai Tribe Festival, etc. Last but not least, the festive occasions in the Southern Vietnam are pictured amazingly with the presences of Nui Ba Festival, Ba Chu Xu Festival, Nghinh Co Festival, Duc Chi Ton Great Ceremony, and some other minor ones.

Whatever your interest, Vietnam and her collections of festivals assure that your holiday in Vietnam is fully well-done.