Phan Thiet is situated about 200km to the North of Ho Chi Minh City, and lied in the National Highway 1A, which makes it highly accessible all year round. Belonging to Binh Thuan Province, the city is gifted with sea resources, so fishing is its main economy. In the heart of Phan Thiet City, there stands a port which is always energetic with numerous day-and-night fishing boats.

How Can Phan Thiet Tourist Destination Please Tourists? 

With the topography expanded along the coast, Phan Thiet houses a long and picturesque beach called Mui Ne, one of the greatest symbols of this land. Mui Ne Beach is set 22km far to the Northeast of Phan Thiet City. To facilitate the growth of tourism in this beautiful beach, a new road has been constructed that pleases both local and international tourists. Because the beach is not too far from Ho Chi Minh City, it attracts more and more beach lovers to come and savor its natural beauty and comfortable climate.

In regards to the name “Mui Ne”, it brings a special meaning relative to the local’s life. The word “Mui” means a cape and “Ne” means hidden. According to the local story, Mui Ne was a shelter for the fishing boats to hide from storms during the stormy season. And nowadays, Mui Ne becomes a shelter for everybody to rest after a hard-working period and to regain the lost energy in a stress-free zone. There are many hotels, resorts, restaurants, golf courses, etc., around which definitely entertain you.

The charm of Phan Thiet will not stop at Mui Ne Beach only. Further, go see the fishing industry in this tourist destination! Phan Thiet fish sauce has become very famous, so remember to pick some fish sauce products when you come to its markets.

The Sand Dunes is another must-see spot in Phan Thiet and in fact, most tourists come to play, sightsee, and photograph the widespread natural sand dunes. The combination of sand dunes, blue sea, and clear sky makes up the spectacular view indeed. Some tourists really appreciate the scenes. They come very early in the morning to witness the sunrise and in the late of afternoon for the sunset. Of course, they will see the most beautiful picture ever.

Then, your Phan Thiet tours should be invested in Poshanu Cham Towers, which is the small complex of Cham towers built in 8th – 9th century to worship Shiva God. The remaining constructions are still in good conditions, so expect to get much archaeological knowledge about the Kingdom of Champa.

What’s more, Duc Thanh School is a great historical tourist site in Phan Thiet because Ho Chi Minh, the greatest leader of Vietnam, had taught here. The school is in the center of Phan Thiet City and next to Phan Thiet market, so never miss it! Then, if you still have extra time, fulfilling your trips by visiting Ta Cu Mountain! Situated on mountain of 400m height is Ta Cu Pagoda which ranks among the National history and culture relics of Vietnam. Some tourists preferably enjoy going up by the cable cars, while others are energetic to climb over hundreds of stairs to reach the pagoda and witness the big statue of Buddha.