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With the ideal geography and landscape, it is no doubt to say that Ly Son Island is the Jeju island of Vietnam. According to many scientists, this beautiful island in Quang Ngai was formed by the volcanic eruption millions years ago. About 30km away from the mainland, Ly Son gains the big fame for the garlic plantation and the incomparable beauty that amazingly win the tourists’ praises.

What to note down about Ly Son Island, Quang Ngai

This island is noted for the exquisite highlights of the rugged mountains rising in the boundless zone of the sky and the earth. Ly Son welcomes you all to discover and conquer the highest mountains there to obtain the wholesome view of the island. The clear blue sea and vast garlic farm create the giant watercolor painting.

On par with the most beautiful islands in the Vietnam Central Coast, Ly Son Island has the very authentic beauty with the blue sea, white sand, and bright sunlight. Here, you can eagerly enjoy various activities like catching the snails, scuba diving to view the colorful coral reefs, swimming together with the colorful fish, etc. Along the seaside is the magnificent scene made up with the imposing mountain wall and the endless sea. What could be more wonderful than staying on the mountain and sightseeing the tranquil sea in the romantic, bright moonlit night? Just enjoy this extraordinary tour to Ly Son Island!

Ly Son Island

Also, the island is the homeland to many old pagodas and holy temples such as Hang Pagoda, Duc Pagoda, Cau Pagoda, Am Linh Pagoda, An Hai Communal House, Hoang Sa-Truong Son Relics, Cau Cave, etc. Among these, Hang Pagoda features the biggest cave dedicated to Buddha worshipping since the 16th century. The interior parts of the cave are magical with the beautiful stone bed, the lush century-old tree, and the sea-oriented Goddess of Mercy.

What’s more, there has been a nation’s historical heritage available on the island since 1820: the An Hai Communal House. The house’s primitive architecture is kept today. It is the oldest communal house in Quang Ngai, where people use to celebrate many festivals and events. Please note that the basin of Ly Son stores lots of historical relics of the Cham and Sa Huynh culture! This is the priceless and irreplaceable island that never fails to charm any tourist nationwide and worldwide.

Besides the Natural and Historical Values, What Can Ly Son Island Offer?

As noted, Ly Son Island is interesting with the growing garlic farms. Besides, the cuisine fanciers will feel favorable to indulge their palate with the extremely tasteful seafood here. So, when you are in Ly Son, you can choose to savor the meals prepared by the restaurants or hire the cooking utensils from the local houses to enjoy self-cooking the meals. Lots of the exclusive cooking ingredients are applied in the free manner. And if you ask us to list some of the most noteworthy specialties here, our answers should be around the king crab, fish cobia chatter, seaweed salad, sweet and sour fish demons, etc. 

Begin the once-in-a-lifetime Ly Son Tour, and you will never feel regretful for the moments you invest in this exquisite island in Quang Ngai. The island’s beauty even cannot be simply expressed by words. So now, it is your turn to check our words!

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