If you’re about to experience an ecologic tour, it’s the very good idea to invest your free time in Vietnam. As your wish now is to stay away from the bustle and hustle of life, the exotic lodges in Vietnam are widely preferred. The quaint accommodations help people to get rid of stress and anxiety.

#1: Ecolodge Panhou Village Ha Giang

Pan Hou Village Ha GiangThis is exactly what the peace-seeking people are looking for: a lost valley. The hidden village is located at the centre of High Song Chay Mountains which creates the peaceful atmosphere. It encourages guests to get immersed into the most striking scenery of the country. When resting in the Ecolodge Panhou Village, your eyes are feasted with the virgin forests, primitive fortress mountains sculpted into the terraces, and rock formations divided by the impressive canyons. Majesty is incorporated into the land. Interact with many ethnic minorities so that you forget life sadness. Trekking is done greatly towards the surrounding mountains of the eco-friendly resort. The Panhou Village is surely worth an experience for the absolute freedom and joy.

#2: Mai Chau Ecolodge

Mai Chau EcolodgeThis unique lodge offers the panoramic view over the pure nature. When staying in Mai Chau Ecolodge, the visitors get the happy relaxation and cultural discovery. The terraced rice paddy landscape provides the beautiful background for photographing while its purity ignites the great sense of self-indulgence. In regards to the lodge’s quality, your stay is indulged with luxury amenities, attentive services, and various exciting activities such as cycling, swimming, kayaking, and rock climbing. And if you’re keen on learning culture, be eager to enjoy the traditional dance performance available or try spinning the silk and weaving it into some identical patterns. The most secluded haven in Mai Chau pleases visitors with the backdrop of thrilling rice paddies, emerald mountains decorated by white clouds. The Ecolodge was wholly constructed by the natural materials like thatched roofs, wooden furniture, bamboo interiors, and outdoor jungle showers. You can see the best of Mai Chau when being in the stylistic lodge. Your find no television or any entertainment devices that keep the lodge true to what it represents – a spot to get back to nature.

#3: Whale Island Resort Nha Trang

Whale Island Nha TrangThe Whale Island Resort Nha Trang has long been recognized for the white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, coral reefs, and green coconut trees, which make up the ideal space for resting. In that sense, the Whale Island Resort has the full competence to help you forget daily worries and enjoy the best the Whale Island has to offer. This tropical paradise is matchless and when you stay in the ideal Resort, you rest in the best way. The quiet atmosphere keeps your vacation smooth and restful.

#4: Mango Bay Phu Quoc

Mango Bay Resort Phu QuocThe confluence of sea and jungle at Mango Bay Phu Quoc makes your holiday back to nature indeed. The natural essentials greatly contribute to the solid statue of the garden resort for Vietnam ecologic tours. At the heart of the Bay, the resort allows you to spread eyes freely. The matchless sense of privacy enables you to unwind the whole body. Just hold a glass of cocktail in your hand and feast eyes with blue sea, green forest, mangos and coconut, primitive beach, etc., you get ultimate fun, relaxation and comfort here.