Vietnam Exclusive Discovery

If the next preferred destination to discover is Vietnam, you’re firmly promised to experience the delightful Vietnam Exclusive Discovery in various bewitching destinations. The enjoyment of the gorgeous sightseeing and exceptional journey in Hoi An Morning Fish Market, Hue, Halong Bay, etc., satisfy almost any vacationer who wants to differentiate their days off. In an exclusive manner, you can enjoy the bike ride, cyclo trip, boat journey, or walking tour to the extraordinary destinations. In particular, Vietnam Discovery Tour via Hue cyclo trip is one of the most special sightseeing experiences that the oversea guests appreciate, and the romantic boat trip on Thu Bon River offers vital peace of mind and also makes you an artist.

And if you are long for the fascinating Vietnam Tour Packages, just feel interested in the names of several exotic Vietnam attractions like Cam Nam Village, Thu Bon River, Duong Lam Ancient Village, Dong Thien Pagoda, Kim Long Village, Tho Ha Village, and Tay Phuong Pagoda. They all remain primeval and attractive so that you find energetic to discover them all at leisure via biking, boating, walking or homestay exclusively.

The tour packages will become free-and-easy indeed when you’re able to customize them based on the self’s fondness. In that sense, Vietnam Custom Tour is exactly what you want to cherish the vacation days off in the way that you prefer most. So, just call Indochina Charm Travel and let them know the self’s traveling preferences! They will do almost everything to fit you best and cheer you up amazingly. It is the customized trip that leaves you with the happiest memorabilia ever.

Ngoc Ha village is just like an oasis in Hanoi City. It used to be the village that grew the flowers and bonsai trees which were supplied to Hanoi. From 1992, when the living standard of people in Hanoi got much better, many rich people in the city came here to buy land for building […]

The Old Quarter is an attractive place for most travelers in Hanoi with its classic and beautiful streets, old style houses and the authentic scenes and activities of people on the street. There are many ways to visit the Old Quarter: from the window of your tour bus, on a cyclo, a tramcar or by […]

In Vietnam, there are exotic masterpieces of nature and local people that are mostly yet unknown by travelers. Located primarily in the mountain areas in the North of Vietnam, the terraced rice fields are called the “stairway to Heaven” by many people. These are the result of really amazing work over a hundred years by […]

Three-quarters of Vietnam’s topography is mountainous, and the most beautiful area is in the North of Vietnam. Far away from the touristy places, most of the areas in the mountains have not been affected by the travel industry, which has developed rapidly in this country. The spectacular scenery of the tremendous mountain range, long and […]