Vietnam Exclusive Discovery

If the next preferred destination to discover is Vietnam, you’re firmly promised to experience the delightful Vietnam Exclusive Discovery in various bewitching destinations. The enjoyment of the gorgeous sightseeing and exceptional journey in Hoi An Morning Fish Market, Hue, Halong Bay, etc., satisfy almost any vacationer who wants to differentiate their days off. In an exclusive manner, you can enjoy the bike ride, cyclo trip, boat journey, or walking tour to the extraordinary destinations. In particular, Vietnam Discovery Tour via Hue cyclo trip is one of the most special sightseeing experiences that the oversea guests appreciate, and the romantic boat trip on Thu Bon River offers vital peace of mind and also makes you an artist.

And if you are long for the fascinating Vietnam Tour Packages, just feel interested in the names of several exotic Vietnam attractions like Cam Nam Village, Thu Bon River, Duong Lam Ancient Village, Dong Thien Pagoda, Kim Long Village, Tho Ha Village, and Tay Phuong Pagoda. They all remain primeval and attractive so that you find energetic to discover them all at leisure via biking, boating, walking or homestay exclusively.

The tour packages will become free-and-easy indeed when you’re able to customize them based on the self’s fondness. In that sense, Vietnam Custom Tour is exactly what you want to cherish the vacation days off in the way that you prefer most. So, just call Indochina Charm Travel and let them know the self’s traveling preferences! They will do almost everything to fit you best and cheer you up amazingly. It is the customized trip that leaves you with the happiest memorabilia ever.

Besides being an attractive ancient town, Hoi An contains many hidden attractions that travelers might never know about. The local people may know about these, but they have never evaluated how much these would appeal to the traveler. In 2001, on my vacation to Hoi An, I spent a whole morning riding on a motorbike […]

If you can wake up early, the fish market in Hoi An is a very special feature that you should not miss. During the night, all of the fishing boats head out to sea to fish, and they all head back to the town in the early morning after a hard night. Hoi An is […]

Thu Bon River flows all the way from Hoi An to the sea at Cua Dai estuary. In the past, this was the entrance for the merchant boats sailing to Hoi An from Cua Dai. The river here has brackish water in which the best fish in the area live, so fishing is a very […]

From my experiences traveling throughout Vietnam, Hue is the city with the most undiscovered hidden charm. It is famous for the Citadel, the tomb of the Kings, the Perfume River and the Thien Mu Pagoda. Most of the tours in Hue cover only these features, and they move tourists in a prescribed way from one […]

Hue is the center of Buddhism in Vietnam and has many pagodas that have been built in the last 400 years. I was introduced to Thich Nu Dieu Dat, the chief nun of Dong Thien Pagoda, by a friend of mine who is one of the best tour guides in Hue. It was a rainy […]

The city of Hue still has many vestiges from the old times. On the way to Thien Mu Pagoda, along the bank of the Perfume River, you can see some old gates of the houses of past Mandarins. In this area, there is a village named Kim Long. This well-known village used to be the […]

Halong Bay now is the most popular destination in the North of Vietnam. The boat station has more than 800 boats serving travelers visiting the bay, and nearly 200 of them have cabins for overnight stays on the bay. Thus the only negative thing when traveling to Halong Bay is that there are too many […]

In 2001, I got a phone call from my friend in Vietnam Television asking about Tho Ha Village. At that time, I had no idea about this place. Feeling ashamed, I decided to jump on my motorbike the next day and make my way to Tho Ha with my best friend to discover the village. […]

In my history class at school, I learned about the revolution of Mai Hac De and the great victory of Ngo Quyen who defeated the Chinese to gain independence for the country after a thousand years of domination. They both came from Duong Lam – the ancient village in the Red River Delta about 60 […]

Tay Phuong Pagoda is the most special, beautiful and impressive pagoda in the Red River Delta, and it is listed as one of the ten best pagodas in Vietnam. It is located on top of a green hill in the middle of the plain, and from the pagoda, you have a great view of the […]