Spend yours days off in the North Vietnam, ones will be amazed at the regions’ national cuisine that is created by the combination of flavor, color and nutrition. One of the finest specialties of Vietnam is perceived right in the North. Hence, a culinary tour from Hanoi and Sapa to Lao Cai and Halong Bay promotes your culinary experience with days and nights.

Bun Cha Nem Cua Be

A Glimpse of Culinary Tour to North Vietnam

Before booking the virtual flights to the North of Vietnam, please note that the food there is partly influenced by its adjacency to China. Along with that, only the North can experience the full 4 seasons throughout the country. Within about 7 days and 6 nights touring throughout the North, the tourists are welcomed to explore various heritages of culture of Hanoi as well as the picturesque mountains of Sapa and scenic caves of Halong Bay.

When setting foot in Hanoi, ones will uncontrollably fall in love with the Vietnam’s capital decorated with the wide tree-lined boulevards, peaceful lakes, and colonial villas. The unique Culinary Tour for Northern cuisine brings all to the best renowned restaurants in Hanoi covering the local delicacies, landscapes, and spirits for them to explore with the restless excitement. When arriving at Noi Bai Airport of Hanoi, the travelers are likely to be taken to the Seasons of Hanoi Restaurant to savor the North Vietnam’s cuisine. Interestingly, a traditional show of folk lore is also presented during the meal!

Ever wanted to join in Vietnamese cooking classes ? Spend your second day in Hanoi to partake in the hands-on cooking classes that teach you to make the simple specialties featuring the art of Vietnamese traditional cuisine. Moreover, be prepared to do shopping in the busting local market of Hang Be before wearing the chef’s uniform! Many regional delicacies are available for you to learn and practice such as Banana Flower Salad, Spring Rolls, noodle soup, and many others. After the time of funny practice, together enjoy the dishes that you have cooked! Of course, it is feasible to take a copy of the cooking recipes to home.

When it comes to Halong Bay, draw your mind to the freshest seafood on the safe cruise! As the UNESCO-validated World Heritage Site, Halong Bay is the huge magnet for all travelers to be immersed into its crystalline water and stunning limestone caves. Since it is the Vietnam Culinary Travel, you will never miss a chance to enjoy the local seafood. On the standard boat, eating dinner in the candlelit atmosphere with the good wine! Since the seafood is availably served on board, the gourmets take at ease to become filled with delights over the healthy and tasteful breakfasts in the breathtaking nature.

Let’s Become North Gourmet

Visitors who have been immerged into the traditional culture of Hanoi find it heavy-hearted to say goodbye to the national Capital since they can find dozens of the finest food of the North here. While Hanoi offers the famous local delicacies, Halong Bay promises to fulfill your stomachs with the healthy seafood in the blue-water scenery. Within about 4 days from Hanoi to Halong Bay and vice versa, ones are showed with the gifts of sightseeing, cooking, and tasting. The images of rice paddles and lively local markets will successfully amass your interest in the charm of North regions.

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