Exciting Cruise to My Tho and Ben Tre in Vietnam Mekong Delta
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Mekong River Cruises have long been the attractive packages for the tourists worldwide who admire the green lands filled with the canals, coconut ranges, thatch-roofed houses, orchard gardens, and floating houses. Also, the peaceful countryside landscape of Vietnam Mekong Delta is incomparable. Eminently, My Tho and Ben Tre Provinces own these highlights.

My Tho and Ben Tre Destinations

My Tho belongs to Tien Giang Province and is nestled on the north of Tien River. This is the gateway to the Vietnam Mekong Delta areas and on the connecting route between Saigon and the Delta by land and water. As the outstanding destination for the cruise trip, My Tho owns the ideal tourist sites such as Thoi Son Islet which is 1200 ha and very fertile thanks to the Tien River’s alluvial. The green islet is filled with various trees and orchards which ensure the visitors to eat and know the taste of the Mekong Delta fruits like watermelon, mangosteen, durian, rambutan, etc. Any Mekong River Cruise departing from Saigon tends to visit My Tho first. Then, the next destination in the package is Ben Tre – the other magnetic green destination of the Mekong where to visit Phung Islet and learn about the “Coconut Monk.” Let’s get further tips on one-day tour to Mekong Delta by Vietnam Tour Operator !

One-day Cruise to My Tho and Ben Tre

Local sampan on the small canal in My Tho

Local sampan on the small canal in My Tho

Depart from Saigon, the passengers will first sail to Thoi Son Islet and then the nearby Phung Islet. While Thoi Son is famous for the alluvial soil to grow orchards, Phung Islet is recognizable for the picturesque landscape and the exceptional “Coconut Monk” religion. The Cruise to Thoi Son Islet of My Tho has been experienced by many foreign guests who relish the beautiful sceneries along the riversides, the cool breezes, the fresh fruits, and the lively lifestyle of the locals. Also, the stop at Phung Islet includes the stories of the 1950s when Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nam (aka “Coconut Monk”) did not eat any food, but drink the coconut milk to survive. There you find a little house to keep his relics and religion. And, after 1975, the construction is open to the tourists.

The cruise to Phung Islet of Ben Tre also lets you see how the local life is connected to the coconuts. There is a small workshop, showing you how the handicrafts can be made from the coconut shells. What’s more, the coconut trunks are used to build houses, the coconut leaves are for wrapping some kinds of the Southern cakes, and the coconut flesh is for making oil and hair cosmetics. The products made from coconuts are on display for sales. After that, you might have some minutes to try horse riding.

Furthermore, the trip to the Homeland of the Coconuts in Mekong Delta cannot be complete if you forget to taste the coconut candies. The little workshop on the Phung Islet has some sections for the visitors to see how people make the coconut candies, get them packed and sealed. Nicely, you can enjoy some samples of candies before buying. The Mekong River Cruises to these destinations also include the informative and memorable visit to the local bee-raising farms so that you can taste the real honey, drink tea with honey, and see the beehive. Several guests even feel interested in buying the whole beehive to raise it at home and collect the honey later.

The next stop before sailing back should be the local orchard in which you savor the fresh fruits of rambutan, mangosteen, watermelon, etc., while enjoying the traditional performances of the Southern folk songs called “Cai Luong.” While some people get chances to buy kilograms of the fresh fruits, the others take time savoring the sweet and lovely rhythms of the folk songs. Cruise to Vietnam Mekong Delta soon!

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