What to Eat in Da Nang City to Feel Local Cuisine
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Da Nang is a new thriving destination in Vietnam that calls for international travelers’ interest in well-known Dragon Bridge, fairly land of Ba Na Hills, and the holy Linh Ung Pagodas. After hours of exploring the city highlights and swimming at the beaches, it’s best to enjoy the local cuisine. If you are not sure about what to eat in Da Nang, get to know the following dishes listed by Vietnam Local Travel Agency.

#1: Steamed Rice Cake (Banh Beo)

As the heritage food of the Central Vietnam, Banh Beo is popular in Da Nang City and the adjacent Hue City. This kind of steamed rice cake is often served with fish sauce and contained in the little cups. When being displayed on the tray to serve the customers, the cups of steamed rice are topped with the minced shrimp and shallots. The dish owns the white of the flour and the pink of the shrimp which is eye-catching and delicious. They key to “Banh Beo” can be the fish sauce which is spiced skillfully so that you can even slurp it.

The good addresses to eat “Banh Beo” in Da Nang are Quan Ba Be (in 100 Hoang Van Thu Street) and Quan Tam (in 291 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street).

Bán Bèo Đà Nẵng - Steamed Rice Cake

Bán Bèo Đà Nẵng – Steamed Rice Cake

#2: Quang Noodle

It’s a must to eat Quang Noodle in Da Nang to know the original taste of the dish. It must be different from the one that you ate in Saigon or elsewhere. The complete bowl of Quang Noodle includes the chewy rice noodle, pork, shrimp, or chicken, with some kinds of herbs soaked in the yellow broth. The tender and well-marinated pork is a common choice. Also, people tend to prefer the additives of raw peanut, chili, lemon, and garlic oil. This dish is best served with the crispy rice crackers.

Typically in Da Nang, the broth is limited, and not enough to soak the whole noodles. This trait is different from the “Quang Noodle” version in Saigon. In fact, the city of Da Nang owns many good places selling this authentic dish. Get to know the names of Quan Ba Vi (in 166 Le Dinh Duong Street), Mi Xu Quang (in 48 Tran Quy Cap), and Mi Quang Ba Oanh (in 45 Tran Quy Cap).

Mỳ Quảng Đà Nẵng - Quang Noodles

Mỳ Quảng Đà Nẵng – Quang Noodles

#3: Da Nang Pancake

The crunchy rice flour crepe filled with shrimp, mung bean, bean sprout, and spring onion is the big favorite to try. The cracking pancake is best to serve when it is hot. Just dip the pieces of cake wrapped in the rice paper and vegetables into the fish sauce, and eat the whole set to enjoy the mixed taste. The pancake of the Central Vietnam can be best found in this dynamic city, and don’t miss your chance to relish the crispy dish. You might order four or more crepes to enjoy the cracking taste.

The best place for Da Nang pancake is Ba Duong (in K280/23 Hoang Dieu Street). Many connoisseurs and food bloggers have come there to check, and this is your turn to become her fans.

Bánh Xèo Đà Nẵng - Da Nang Pancake

Bánh Xèo Đà Nẵng – Da Nang Pancake

#4: Pork wrapped in rice paper

This is another fantastic food to eat in Da Nang to feel the local cuisine. The plain yet distinct taste of this dish has made people remember and try over and over whenever they visit the city of Han River. Eaten with the pork wrapped in rice paper are the well-spiced fish sauce and a variety of raw vegetables. The plate of the vegetable is often abundant and variable which contributes to the attractiveness of the food. Though you can find many versions of this plain dish throughout Vietnam, the one in Da Nang brings the different flavor, so come to check for yourself how different it is. When the tender pork is wrapped in the rice paper and dipped into the succulent fish sauce, believe that you are going to enjoy one of the best dishes in the destination.

The ideal place for the yummy pork wrapped in the rice paper is Quan Mau (in 35 Do Thuc Tinh Street).

Bánh Cuốn Thịt Heo Đà Nẵng - Pork wrapped in rice paper

Bánh Cuốn Thịt Heo Đà Nẵng – Pork wrapped in rice paper

#5: Noodle with beef

Together with the famous Hue Beef Noodle, the Central Vietnam has the great version of noodle with beef in Da Nang City. The typical bowl covers the small noodles, rare beef, shrimp paste, fermented onion, and chili to promote the flavor. Also, the special trait of this food is the slice of “pettitoes.” This eating style is derived from the Chinese belief, stating that the quintessence of the pig is assembled in the trotters which are most nutritious and yummiest. The full bowls of noodle with beef in Da Nang is surely worth trying, and you will feel happy with the feast.

The fine addresses for this specialty are Quan Ba Dieu (in 17 Tran Tong Street) and Bun Thuy (in 218/4 Dong Da Street).

Bún Bò Đà Nẵng - Noodle with beef

Bún Bò Đà Nẵng – Noodle with beef

#6: Nam O Fish Salad

The Nam O Fish Salad has long been famous in Da Nang City, the abundant land of fish to make the salad. The most popular fish for this food is herring whose flesh is sweet and tasty. The herrings live near the shores and can be caught easily which turn to be the rich ingredients for the salad. Once the fish is processed into the well-spiced slices, it is mixed with Nam O Fish Sauce, chili, and various other spices. The wild vegetables used with this fish salad are variable and rare, which embraces the good digestive effects. In particular, the wild vegetables are only on Hai Van Pass, so the sellers have to take them from the forest.

There are two ways to eat Nam O Fish Salad. First, have the vegetables and fish wrapped in the rice paper and dip the complex into the sauce to eat. Second, mix the fish with the wild vegetables and the sauce into a bowl to slurp all. Come to Quan Thanh Huong (in 1029 Nguyen Luong Bang) to savor this dish.

Gỏi cá Nam Ô Đà Nẵng - Nam O Fish Salad

Gỏi cá Nam Ô Đà Nẵng – Nam O Fish Salad

So, think of Da Nang Food Tour beside the joyful experiences in Ba Na Hills, Dragon Bridge, or Non Nuoc Stone Carvings Village. The most worth-living city of Vietnam ensures to fulfill your stomachs with the best food ever.

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