Eating seafood is one of the best things to do when everyone travels to Vietnam Islands, but the prices of seafood today seem not to fit all budgets. Also, the tourism effects tend to inflate the seafood prices, particularly in the well-known islands. In that sense, knowing how to eat cheap delicious seafood in Vietnam becomes highly applicable. Following is the quick how-to for you to practice and see the results.

#1: Eat seafood right in the local fishing villages in Vietnam

Almost every island in Vietnam owns the local fishing villages that serve tourists with the newly caught seafood. For example, Phu Quoc Island has Ham Ninh Fishing Village where hosts the floating houses functioning as the eateries that serve various seafood dishes. Finding your ways to Ham Ninh Fishing Village, which is around 15-20km away from Duong Dong Town. As setting apart from the town center, the fishing village offers the good eateries that sell the inexpensive, fresh, and delicious seafood caught by the local fishermen. In fact, lots of foreign guests have written the great reviews on the seafood quality and prices in Ham Ninh Phu Quoc. There, you can examine the seafood, bargain the prices, and buy.

Nonetheless, again, due to the tourism effects, the prices of seafood in the local fishing villages now are not as reasonable as they were in the past. The top frequently visited eateries might even increase their selling prices. By the way, the fishing villages are still the ideal addresses to eat seafood in Vietnam Islands. At least, it is much cheaper than the one served in the restaurants, hotels, and resorts.

Eat seafood right in the local fishing villages in Vietnam

Eat seafood right in the local fishing villages in Vietnam

#2: Enjoy seafood in the night markets in Vietnam Islands

For the exciting nightlife in Vietnam Islands, getting to the local night markets is a must to do. Not only selling various cute souvenirs and yummy street food, offering opportunities to mingle with the locals, etc., but the night market also serves the reasonable seafood dishes. However, note that the seafood prices in the market are a bit higher than the ones in the genuine fishing villages. One more thing: do remember to ask for the prices in a clear way before the seafood is being processed.

After hours of walking around the dynamic night gathering, if your tummy asks for food, then it’s your turn to ask the local merchants for the seafood prices, and then wait a few minutes to receive your plates. In the exhilarating market atmosphere, with light and sound, take your time savoring the yummy feast of shrimp, octopus, squid, crab, and snail.

#3: Check if the destinations in Vietnam have early morning seafood markets and get there

The local seafood markets often gather in the early morning that asks guests to get up early enough to attend and get the good deals. For instance, Quan Lan Seafood Market opens at 4:30 AM, often at dawn when the fishing boats of various sizes come back to the mainland, with the full nets of seafood. And, the market often lasts 2 hours, then the fresh, newly caught seafood is all sold out.

You will meet many local people in the morning seafood markets. Understand that merchants get there to buy the seafood directly from the fishermen and then sell it to the others to gain the differences. In this case, it’s wonderful that you accompany a local tour guide who can bargain and get the deals. Else, the language barrier might prevent any opportunities to do the deal with the Vietnamese fishermen who couldn’t speak English.

Buying and eating seafood in islands will be one of the most enjoyable experiences ever that you get from traveling to Vietnam. While seafood is so fresh and appetizing, the local interactions are interesting, and the seascape is spectacular.

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