Bac Lieu Province is approximately 100km from the southernmost tip of Vietnam. It is most famous for storing a great deal of flora and fauna, which make the great contribution to the natural balance of Vietnam. If your interest is about watching various colorful birds, know that the bird sanctuary is situated in Hiep Thanh Province of Bac Lieu Town. Within the Mekong River Delta, the Sanctuary ranks among the most engaging and charming ecological tourist sites. It’s a great pastime to indulge your eyes with the lively cute birds.

Go See Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuary and Appreciate Your Free Time

Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuary

Over a century ago, Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuary is reported as the vestige of forest which ran along the East Sea coast. The tourists can easily reach the sanctuary as it’s just about 5km from the town center. The forest region is now the home of about 46 bird species, 7 frog species, 60 fish species, 10 species of mammals, 100 species of plants, and 8 reptile species. There stands a rich collection of species available. Once setting foot in this area, the tourists eagerly see that there are an enormous number of eggs on the ground, and various species of 2m wingspan birds in the air.

The Sanctuary is an ideal zone where generations of birds are born (often in the rainy season) and grown. There are tens of thousands of birds and nets here. From May to October, the birds mainly assemble in the southernmost tip of Vietnam. Then, in August and September, these beautiful birds begin building nests and breeding. The whole scenes are fulfilled in green and promoted with the birds’ songs. In the Sanctuary, the visitors should expect to meet the water birds, such as stork, heron, teal, night heron, and cormorant. An interesting fact about Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuary is that in the past, it was a coastal diversified salt forest floor associated with the ingenuous salt-marsh ecosystem. The local people very appreciate the nature, so they always attempt to protect it. To most of them, the Sanctuary is a valuable natural property, and of course it is.

Your free time in Bac Lieu tourist destination is boosted via a short visit to the bird sanctuary. Remember, the early morning is the best moment to watch the birds leaving their nests and looking for foods. Besides, sunset is another ideal time when the birds return to their nests to sleep. Eagerly snap the moment when many flocks of birds fly one after another. Such the breathtaking sight will please your eyes and refresh your mind indeed. At the time, it feels like you’re free from every dump.

All the natural lovers, tourists, photographers, and researches love to explore the sanctuary and witness some endangered types of birds listed in the “Red Book” of Vietnam. While some can find peace of mind, the others perceive precious knowledge about the life of many beautiful birds and get the best photos for a lifetime memory. If Bac Lieu is your next destination to explore, please don’t miss Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuary for all good reasons! While watching the birds flying, you’re inspired to let your soul fly, feel comfortable, and smile happily.