Dong Thap might first stand as a remote destination in the south of Vietnam, in many travelers’ mind.  Despite the far-off location, this is a bewitching land of lotus that only a few Mekong Delta provinces can compare. If you’re looking for the “pink beauty,” then go to Dong Thap in Vietnam.

About Dong Thap in Vietnam

Dong Thap Province is positioned in the Mekong Delta region of the southern Vietnam. The province is around 165km from Ho Chi Minh City. It has the bordering of Pray Veng Province (Cambodia) to the north, An Giang Province to the west, Long An and Tien Giang to the east, and Vinh Long and Can Tho to the south. Sharing a border with Cambodia, Dong Thap offers the cross-cultural scenarios, and people living nearby the frontier can speak the Khmer language well. As a remote Mekong Delta destination, Dong Thap might not have any skyscraper, but the traditional stilted houses, intricate canal system, lotus ponds, flower gardens, and lush orchards are plenty. If you travel to Dong Thap, then don’t miss The Revered Nguyen Sinh Sac Historical Site, Tram Chim National Park, Xeo Quyt Heritage Site, and Sa Dec Market, etc.

What to See in Dong Thap

Tram Chim National Park

Tram Chim National ParkLocated in Tam Nong District, Tram Chim National Park covers an area of over 7500ha. It is the big home to as many as 200 kinds of birds, which hold ¼ bird population in Vietnam. Arguably, this Park is an ecotourism miniature of Dong Thap Muoi region with the system of rivers and forests, as well as the rich flora and fauna. Some of the birds here are listed in the Red Book. And, the highlight is the Red-crown Crane – one of the world’s 15 last crane species. As these cranes only find food on the land, when the water level rises during the rainy season, they have to fly to the other places. The best time to see the Red-crown Crane in the Tram Chim natural museum is from December to June. Contact Indochina Charm Travel to plan your Vietnam Custom Tour here !

Xeo Quyt Heritage Site

Xeo Quyet DOng ThapDong Thap was the frontier of Vietnam War, and Xeo Quyt became a national heritage site that honored the courage of the Southern Vietnamese soldiers. Xeo Quyt functioned as the premier military base. Today, you can see the bunkers and tunnels there. The heritage gives people a glimpse of the miserable but proud Vietnamese wartime. The forest landscape in Xeo Quyet remains primeval and green, which also makes it an ecotourism site. For either nature lover or a history learner, Xeo Quyt is a not-to-miss place.

Sa Dec Market

Sa Dec MarketThe major market in Sa Dec City is a praiseworthy attraction for the travelers to find numerous authentic items of Dong Thap. The market is mostly packed with the merchants, buyers, and a few number of tourists. While the local people are busy at selling and buying, the travelers might prefer taking photographs of the chummy subjects. Admittedly, the Vietnamese smile is always beautiful, and that the Sa Dec people are very graceful. The short visit to Sa Dec Market enriches your photo album about Vietnam Mekong Delta.

Sa Dec Flower Garden

Sa Dec Flower GardenBesides the pink lotus and the red-crown crane, Dong Thap in Vietnam is also famous for the colorful flower garden. Then, Sa Dec Flower Garden is most outstanding with plenty kinds of flowers and plants in the Southern Vietnam. Amongst the best highlights, roses and amber tree make the site famous. Some important types of roses are black baccarat rose, Elizabeth rose, mascara rose, Cleopatra rose, etc. Especially during the spring time, the Flower Garden becomes as most beautiful and bustling as possible. People come there to watch the flowers and the bonsai arts, and buy some favorite items to decorate their houses.

Gao Giong Ecotourism Site

Gao Giong Ecotourism SiteYou should always add Gao Giong to the list of the highlights of Dong Thap. It is the ecotourism site with a total area of 2,000 ha, including the cajeput forest and the big community of the valuable birds. The birds take this site their safe home to live, nest, and lay eggs. What’s more, Gao Gong owns the abundant and variable aquatic resources that might involve the recreational activity of boating and fishing.

Hong Ngu Fish Raising Village

Hong Ngu Town brings fame to Dong Thap Province as the remarkable place to raise fish. As the frontier town, Hong Ngu offers the cross-culture communication chances with the Khmer people. The little town itself covers many floating fishing villages and the fish raising ponds. Besides agriculture, the residents follow the fish raising custom. The trip to the frontier zone lets you see a massive community of the fish raising households, graceful people, and rustic Vietnamese green countryside. What’s more, it’s enjoyable that Hong Ngu owns some specialties like the grilled field mice, “dien dien” flower sour soup, the anabas braised in a clay pot, the grilled snakehead fish, etc.

The Revered Nguyen Sinh Sac Historical Site

Nguyen Sinh Sac Historical SiteThis historical site is dedicated to the revered Nguyen Sinh Sac – the father of President Ho Chi Minh. Uncle Ho’s father was the intelligent and courageous man. He chose to live and work in Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap, for a period. Then, to commemorate his valuable presence, the local authorities built up the respectful historical site. In 1992, the National Cultural and Information Department ranked it one of the most significant cultural and historical monuments in Dong Thap. The Revered Nguyen Sinh Sac Historical Site receives the massive influx of visitors who do homage to his tomb and the hall. Also, the site is recognizable for the lotus pond, stilted house, garden, and office which imitate the ones in Hanoi. This historical site is a big proud of the Dong Thap people due to its significance, history, and spiritual value. The site preserves lots of age-old trees and the colorful gardens with numerous kinds of flowers. Note that this heritage becomes crowded during the death anniversary of the revered Nguyen Sinh Sac, on the 27th of the 10th lunar month every year. 

How to Get to Dong Thap in Vietnam Mekong Delta

By Road

While Cao Lanh City is around 162km from Ho Chi Minh City to the southwest, and 143km from Sa Dec City. It is very convenient to access Dong Thap by road as the direct buses/coaches run to this destination on a daily basis. You can easily buy the bus/coach tickets at Mien Tay Bus Station, and then wait a while for your Mekong Delta Tour to Dong Thap to begin.

By Boat

Dong Thap also belongs to the list of the ideal destinations for Mekong River Cruises. Boating to the impressive system of canals and rivers of Dong Thap from Ho Chi Minh City or other Mekong Delta provinces is the great option.

When to Visit Dong Thap

The province belongs to the tropical climate zone, with the average temperature of 27 Celsius degrees.

  • November – April: Feature the dry and convenient conditions for any travel to Dong Thap. The dry months are also the best time to see the land of lotus, believably.
  • May – October: Bring some rain and flood to Dong Thap, which is advantageous for fishing, agriculture, and boating. During flood season (from July to October, and might even last to November), the water of Dong Thap becomes most bustling with lots of fishermen who catch fish as the traditional practice.

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