Vietnam Central Highlands is a beautiful destination with many stunning sceneries, rich ethnic culture, and long-lasting customs of various minorities. The journey to the highlands will be full of fantastic activities from trekking to riding elephants, eco-tours, and more. Also, a great joy to do is to savor the local coffee. Getting to Central Highlands of Vietnam, you find many wonderful things in one place: Rong House, riding elephants, Gong Culture, tribal village, Can Wine, and Ban Me Coffee.

Best time to visit Central Highlands

This region remains ideal and beautiful to visit all year round. But if you ask for the best, then know that the hottest month is June (temperature reaches 34-35 Celsius degrees), and the coldest month is December. In general, the best time to visit Central Highlands is between November and May when the whole region is beautified with coffee flowers (in March), nice tropical weather, and captivating landscape of waterfall, lakes, rubber plantations, etc.

How to get to Vietnam Central Highlands

  • From Ho Chi Minh City

It is convenient to take the flights of Vietnam Airlines (02 flights per day) to Pleiku. Then from Pleiku Airport, you can take a taxi to the city center or any preferred destination. Another great option is to use the pick-up service/private transfer from the local tour operators.

  • From Hanoi

There are flights of Vietnam Airlines to Pleiku and Buon Me Thuot from Hanoi. There offers one morning flight to both places. Then, from the destination airports, you can get the private transfer or the taxi to your desired places.

  • From Da Nang

It’s your call to take the Vietnam Airlines flight from Da Nang to Buon Me Thuot or Pleiku; one morning flight to Buon Me Thuot and one afternoon flight to Pleiku. Also, there stand out various tour packages from Da Nang to Central Highlands that sever the memorable Vietnam adventure. The private transfer is included in the itinerary Da Nang – Kon Tum – Buon Me Thuot – Dak Lak – Da Lat – Ho Chi Minh City, for instance.

Landscapes of Central Highlands in Vietnam

Landscapes of Central Highlands in Vietnam

What to See in Central Highlands

The Vietnam Central Highlands has been long famous for the off-the-beaten-track beauty, thrilling activities, and the well-preserved culture of the minorities. Not to mention the very famous Da Lat in this post, let’s take a closer look at the top tourist attractions in Kon Tum, Buon Me Thuot, and Pleiku.

First, Kon Tum is a scenic mountainous province situated in the west of Truong Son Mountain range. Its highlights include hills, plateaus, valleys, and the ethnic villages.

  • Kontoku Village of Bahnar group: Being home to many minorities, Kon Tum offers the opportunities to visit Kontoku Village of Bahnar group who keeps the tradition of dancing and playing with various instruments. This village is around 10km from the heart of the city.
  • Kon Tum Church: Situated in the city center, this old church was erected in 1913 – 1918 by the French. This church is recognizable for the architecture combined between Roman design and Bahnar stilt house. Also, the decoration is nature-friendly and has connections to the local lifestyle as well as culture.
  • Communal House (Rong House): This symbolic house is the unique highlight of Kon Tum and Gia Lai Provinces. It is an important and eye-catching stilt house in the center of the village functioned for the public events and ceremonies like meeting, wedding, and worshipping.

Second, in Buon Me Thuot, known as a capital of Central Highlands, though there are not as many places of interest as in the big cities, it delivers the picturesque settings of hills, waterfalls, rivers, etc., which are ideal for bird watching and elephant riding. The top sites to see are as follows:

  • Dray Sap Waterfall: This is one of the most marvelous waterfalls in the province, making it a must to see in Buon Me Thuot. Around 30km from the city center, Dray Sap is nestled in a primary forest, leaving it pristine and mesmerizing.
  • Dray Nur Waterfall: This is a masterpiece of Nature on Serepok River, which is also very photogenic, but less famous than Dray Sap as it is smaller.
  • Buon Don (Don Village): Enjoy elephant riding in Don Village amid the verdant jungle and in the Serepok River. Roaming around the village also offers the beautifully cultural experiences by mingling with the tribes.
  • Buon Ma Thuot coffee plantations: Buon Me Thuot is home to the most delicious coffee in Vietnam, urging everybody to try some cups and contemplate the coffee plantations. Taste the Trung Nguyen Coffee in this homeland and see how it is different from the one of the big cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. Different types of coffee await you in Buon Me Thuot.

Third, Pleiku is another fantastic province of Gia Lai in Central Highlands to discover. This place is known for the fresh cool weather which facilitates the growth of coffee, rubber, and pepper trees. Furthermore, the travel to Pleiku showers you with opportunities to cherish the following natural attractions:

  • Sea Lake (Bien Ho): This is the most noted natural lake in Pleiku. It has an area of 250 ha and the depth of 40m. Encompassed by the mountain and pine forest, this lake provides the wonderful settings to escape from the city pressure. A boat trip around this lake is a great idea, indeed.
  • Yaly Waterfall and Hydro Station: As the most captivating and largest waterfall in Pleiku, Yaly becomes a frequently-visited natural attraction. Besides, guests also check in the Yaly Hydro Station which is built on Sisan River, around 5km from Yaly waterfall. Know that this is Vietnam’s second largest power station (after Hoa Binh power station on Da River, Hoa Binh Province, in the north of Vietnam).

With so many highlights in the region, Central Highlands encourage travelers to try riding elephants in Don Village, hiking and camping in Yok Don National Park, trekking to Bahnar Village, visiting the fabulous waterfall, enjoying Gong show, drinking Can wine, dancing with the villagers, etc. Travel to Central Highlands, and carry out all exciting activities.