Pursuing aviation connectivity, VietJet Air announced to operate direct flights to Vietnam from India. The VietJet’s first nonstop route is to connect New Delhi and Ho Chi Minh City via 04 flights per week. With the direct flight launching, tourists who are staying in India can fly to Vietnam without transit. The charming S-shaped country promises beautiful nature, extraordinary culture, and friendly welcome to the Indian password holders.

VietJet’s Direct Flights Connecting Vietnam and India

According to VietJet news, on 02 March 2018, the senior leaders of Vietnam and India witnessed the ceremony of “drum beating” to officially announce the opening of the direct flights from India to Vietnam. The nonstop flights marked the breakthroughs on the special events namely the 45th anniversary of Vietnam-India diplomatic relationship and the 10th anniversary of Vietnam-India strategic partnership. By opening the new direct routes, associated with new aircraft and add-on services, this carrier aims to better serve the passengers’ demand. In fact, VietJet is the pioneer in opening the Delhi – Ho Chi Minh direct flights that boost the travel to Vietnam from India.

As the first airline that operates the scheduled nonstop flights between Delhi and Ho Chi Minh City, VietJet has recognized the rapid growth in this market. Though the scope of the market is small, the traffic has almost tripled over the past 5 years, and increased 30% in 2017, resulting in the 30% rise of the number of Indian visitors to Vietnam. Committed to offering 04 nonstop flights per week from Ho Chi Minh City to Delhi, VietJet opens the new aviation services that can call more Indian tourists to Vietnam who want to cut the travel time and are afraid of the transit.

As said, VietJet announced plans to operate the direct flights from Delhi to Ho Chi Minh City in March 2018. However, the carrier has not yet decided on a launch date or started selling the services. But, the approvals are secured, and its online reservation system has loaded New Delhi as a destination. The launch date might be soon set in early 2019. The delays in setting a launch date (since the March-2018 announcement) might be partly because of the delivery delays of the A321neo aircraft. The A321neo is suitable for the Ho Chi Minh City – Delhi direct route which will take around 06 hours. What’s more, the carrier is keen on operating multiple India routes over time, such as Ho Chi Minh – Mumbai, Hanoi – Mumbai, and Hanoi – Delhi. In general, India will be VietJet’s 10th international market with the scheduled services in South Asia.

Direct Flights to Vietnam from India by VietJet Air

Direct Flights to Vietnam from India by VietJet Air

More and more Indian Tourists Travel to Vietnam Destinations

Around 85 thousands of Indian tourists visited Vietnam in 2017, which reflected an increase of 30%. With the direct flight launching, the Indian passport holders can get to Vietnam from India within 06 hours that open tourism opportunities between the two countries. Also, the tour operators in Vietnam introduces more attractive tour packages that combine pilgrimage, therapy, or yoga lessons.

Together with the existing places of interest, Vietnam offers India-style restaurants to serve the tourists especially in the big cities like Saigon, Hanoi, Da Nang, Hoi An, etc. For examples, the top list of Indian restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City including Ganesh, Namaste India, Taj Mahal Restaurant, Spice India, Cuba La Casa Del Mojito, Mumtaz Indian, Saigon Indian, Little India, Parivar Indian Cuisine, etc. The country attempts to help the Indian guests feel homelike while they are staying in Vietnam and exploring the local attractions of nature, history, and culture.

Travel to Vietnam from India with direct flights by VietJet, besides other nonstop services of Thai Airways, Jet Airways, etc., will bring the strategic partnership and tourism between the two countries to the new higher level. Contact us at sales@indochinacharmtravel.com to book your Vietnam Tour Package from India et Best Prices!