Northern Vietnam Tours

If you now get budget and time for a dreaming vacation, where should you go? Vietnam is the fascinating destination that you should feel fond of. In particular, the North of Vietnam is exceptionally pictured with the gorgeous terraced rice fields, the UNESCO World Heritage Bay, the roof of Indochina – Fansipan Mountain, the antique colonial houses, and the tree-line avenue to gladness. In that sense, Northern Vietnam Tours promise to fulfill your vacation days off with the longing excitement via the extraordinary adventure, the unique photograph tour, the sweet honeymoon tour, as well as the happy homestay experience.

So, the collections of Northern Vietnam Tours namely Hanoi Tour, Sapa Tour, Mai Chau Tour, Halong Bay Tour, etc., provide you with tons of opportunities to set foot on the beautiful far-off regions of Vietnam. As you all know, all of the mentioned destinations are internationally famous, and they are, at least once, voted greatly by the oversea guests. Mai Chau is the exquisite carpet of the endless green rice fields; Halong Bay is matchless with the legendary limestone towers, caves, and islands; Sapa is cool all year round with the exceptional hill tribal villages; Hanoi is noted for historical atmosphere preserved in the age-old houses, narrow alleys, and authentic monuments. Each of the highlights has its unparalleled attractiveness to amaze you.

Admittedly, Northern Vietnam Tours are worth your days off and expectation for the second-to-none homestay, breathtaking photograph enjoyment, friendly Ecotour, and dramatic adventure. The North of Vietnam has almost everything you need for the adventurous, delightful, and sugar-coated traveling experiences. Come to see Vietnam in person!

Vietnam Photograph Tour 9 Days takes you to the most isolated but also very beautiful area to the far North of Vietnam where you can see lots of different hill tribes. Mostly untouched by tourists, you will have great chances to discover great nature, scenery as well as hospitable hill tribe people on the trip.

North East Vietnam Photograph Tour 8 Days will cover beautiful destinations such as Ba Be Lake, Ban Gioc Waterfall and Halong Bay. The beautiful drive with spectacular mountain scenery, visit different hill tribes on the way, indulge yourself in great nature can make your trip to be unforgettable.

North West Vietnam Photograph Tour 8 Days offers a beautiful drive in the most scenic mountain area in Vietnam. The opportunities to visit and mingle with different hill tribes people on the trip. Daily life activities of people along the road. Photo opportunities in Mai Chau, Pha Din Pass, Tam Duong, Hoang Lien Son Pass, Than Uyen, Mu Cang Chai, Duong Lam and the villages of different hill tribes people on the way.

Ha Giang Tour from Hanoi 5 Days is the best choice for travelers who have a short time but want to explore the hidden North of Vietnam. The tour to Dong Van Rocky Plateau includes Hoang Su Phi terraced rive fields, Noong Lake, Pho Bang ancient town, Dong Van hill-tribe market and Hmong, Lo Lo villages.

The North Vietnam Terraced Rice Fields Tour 5 Days is the ideal discovery trip from Hanoi to the mountains area, through Duong Lam ancient village to 2 most wonderful Vietnam terraced rice fields: Mu Cang Chai and Y Ty. The best time to visit terraced rice fields in the North of Vietnam is from June to early October, when you can see all agricultural activities during the crop and interact with local people.

The 5-Day Hanoi Culture Trip is designed for travelers who want to see not only popular sights like Hanoi Old Quarter, Ethnology Museum, Halong Bay but also discover further exclusivities. Special things to do in Hanoi Culture Trip are the ancient But Thap pagoda, Chuong conical hat and Van Phuc silk crafts villages.

The 5-Day North West Vietnam Tour is designed for travelers who love mountain adventure and ethnic culture discovery. Travel to Sapa not in classic way, the tour will take you also to Mu Cang Chai Terraced Rice Fields and Duong Lam Ancient Village.

The 4-Day-3-Night Da Lat Tour from Saigon provides you the best chances to discover Da Lat - the famous Hill Station town founded by French in the beginning of 20th century. Located in Lang Biang Plateau, Da Lat has a pleasant temperate climate, beautiful pine forest, flowers everywhere in the city with mysterious misty weather that creates very special character for this city and makes it to be the most popular place for honeymooners to visit in Vietnam.

Sapa Tour from Hanoi gives you chance to discover the town of four seasons in a day and a beautiful market of hill tribe people in the North West of Vietnam. This 4-Day-4-Night Northern Vietnam tour package also creates a beautiful balance between hiking in tremendous scenery to visit villages of different hill tribes and relaxing in peaceful atmosphere of Sapa - the town with four seasons in a day.

Mai Chau and Pu Luong Nature Reserve Tour 4Days is the combination of Vietnamese culture discovery, ethnic minorities daily life experience and nature exploration. The tour from Hanoi to North-West of Vietnam with the visit to Tay Phuong Pagoda, Duong Lam Ancient Village and homestay at Mai Chau Valley. Trekking through terraced rice fields and Thai villages, rafting on river in the nature reserve… are also highlights of the trip!

Nature lovers and culture tourists that hold the big passion on lakes, grottoes, exotic limestone formations, and especially the ethnic culture are always recommended to try Ba Be Trekking Tour 4 Days. While the Lake itself is peaceful and captivating all seasons, the nearby waterfalls, caves, rock formations, and forest are all valuable natural highlights. And, the well-preserved culture of the ethnic communities of the Tay, Nung, H’mong, Dzao make your time memorable and meaningful. What’s more, take time relaxing on a boat trip to Puang Cave, sleeping at a local house, and unwind in the picturesque waterfalls, etc., so that you have a full feeling for the absolutely vibrant ecosystem. Without a doubt, Ba Be Lake, which is around 260km from Hanoi, is a green destination for the bustle-free adventure.

The best time to do Mu Cang Chai Terraced Rice Fields Tour is from June to September, when you can follow the crop of rice. The beginning of the crop named “Falling Water Season”, there are people harrowing on the field with buffalo, replanting rice. In the middle crop, Mu Cang Chai will be covered by green carpet of rice. And in the harvest time of the rice crop, you will see the fields turn brilliant yellow and shine in their fullest beauty.