North of Vietnam – Travel destinations in the North of Vietnam

Old and new, oriental tradition, courageous past and modern presence are all mixed to give Northern Vietnam a picturesque image. Let’s experience what is called Northern Vietnam Tours to find the peaceful ambiance right in Perfume Pagoda and discover a colorful life of ethnic minority group in the remote north-western mountainous regions as Mai Chau or Nghia Lo or just contemplate the winsome seascape of limestone towers of Ha Long Bay – one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.

Especially, if you love to find the distant charm of the French colonial architecture, just come to Ha Noi – a very romantic capital of Vietnam and captivate it throughout Vietnam Photography Tours. An interesting journey certainly helps you realize the hidden and awesome attractiveness of the old mansions and the tree-line avenues. Additionally, do not miss the fascinating destinations of Sapa, Ninh Binh, Ba Be Lake or Ha Giang that challenge your adventurous spirit and give you the precious opportunities to set foot on the primeval yet mesmerizing lands. The natural charm of Sapa and Ninh Binh is hard to resist. In either of the destinations, there stand numerous matchless highlights.

One of the terrific Vietnam Adventure Tours is to discover and conquer Sapa’s Fansipan Mountain – the roof of Indochina that has long been surprising adventurers worldwide. Lots of the fascinating places are waiting for you to explore during the valuable vacation days off. So, if you get some free days, just go to the North of Vietnam – an enchanting region that has all of what you prefer for the pristine nature, intriguing history, colorful ethnic lifestyle, inner peace of mind, appealing adventure, and second-to-none photography.

Ha Giang in Vietnam is a remote mountainous destination in the North of Vietnam. Anybody who wants to run away the bustling city vibe should always retreat and refresh right in Ha Giang. Ha Giang is the final frontier of Vietnam, around 320km to the north of Hanoi. It has a total area of 7.946km2. […]

Pu Luong Nature Reserve is one of the most intact retreats in the North of Vietnam for everybody to run away the boisterous city life. As being intact, this destination makes people think of the pure nature and harmony whenever they talk about Pu Luong. About Pu Luong Nature Reserve Pu Luong Nature Reserve was […]

Hanoi in Vietnam attracts many tourists who then mostly conclude that it might be Asia’s most beautiful city. Besides beautiful, some use “historical and interesting” to describe Hanoi. Hanoi is a capital of Vietnam and positioned at the North. This is the second largest city in Vietnam after Ho Chi Minh City (or Saigon). In […]

The Vietnamese Traditional Pottery Villages have long been famous for the special recipes that are kept from generation to generation. The Culture of Vietnam is unique with the exclusive pottery products that are only found in Red River Delta. A Deep Look at the Vietnamese Traditional Pottery Villages The traditional pottery villages hold small parts in […]

The fame of Mu Cang Chai has been recorded in the paper, photo, video, and deep inside the mind of many tourists who have the lucky opportunity to explore the beautiful terraced rice fields. Know that Mu Cang Chai is one of the best destinations for Vietnam Photography Tours. Being a rural district of Yen […]

Yen Bai Province is one of the most exquisite tourist destinations in Vietnam that hosts the highlight of Nghia Lo Town. The mountainous yet scenic northwestern area showers the newcomers with lots of exclusive lessons about the culture and daily life of the ethnic groups here. Spectacular Muong Lo Rice Field In Nghia Lo Town […]

The North of Vietnam is predominantly pictured with the weekly hill-tribe markets. As the typical example, Lao Cai hosts a great number of the hill-tribe markets that run on a weekly basis. The people live in the mountainous regions will all eagerly take part in the animated markets to trade and get the favorable deals. […]

Ban Gioc Waterfall is now a spectacular tourist destination for both domestic and international guests. Simply reach the attractive Waterfall from Hanoi within 272 km, and you will soon admit the fact that this is a heavenly manna. The beautiful fall is where many vacationers come to enjoy the nature and revitalize their life. What […]

Hanoi is home of numerous pagodas scattered throughout that enrich humans’ spirituality effectively. Among these, Perfume Pagoda (also called Chua Huong or Huong Pagoda) is voted as the sacred destination for pilgrims from all walks of life. The Huong Pagoda and Its Annual Religious Festival The Perfume Pagoda is a huge complex of Buddhist temples […]

Ninh Binh is one of the most engaging provinces possessing many eminent tourist attractions in Vietnam. Particularly, the province has Cuc Phuong National Park, the oldest national park of Vietnam, featured with a variety of species including both flowers and animals. Totally different from the city life, the National Park is perfect for hiking with […]