North of Vietnam – Travel destinations in the North of Vietnam

Old and new, oriental tradition, courageous past and modern presence are all mixed to give Northern Vietnam a picturesque image. Let’s experience what is called Northern Vietnam Tours to find the peaceful ambiance right in Perfume Pagoda and discover a colorful life of ethnic minority group in the remote north-western mountainous regions as Mai Chau or Nghia Lo or just contemplate the winsome seascape of limestone towers of Ha Long Bay – one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.

Especially, if you love to find the distant charm of the French colonial architecture, just come to Ha Noi – a very romantic capital of Vietnam and captivate it throughout Vietnam Photography Tours. An interesting journey certainly helps you realize the hidden and awesome attractiveness of the old mansions and the tree-line avenues. Additionally, do not miss the fascinating destinations of Sapa, Ninh Binh, Ba Be Lake or Ha Giang that challenge your adventurous spirit and give you the precious opportunities to set foot on the primeval yet mesmerizing lands. The natural charm of Sapa and Ninh Binh is hard to resist. In either of the destinations, there stand numerous matchless highlights.

One of the terrific Vietnam Adventure Tours is to discover and conquer Sapa’s Fansipan Mountain – the roof of Indochina that has long been surprising adventurers worldwide. Lots of the fascinating places are waiting for you to explore during the valuable vacation days off. So, if you get some free days, just go to the North of Vietnam – an enchanting region that has all of what you prefer for the pristine nature, intriguing history, colorful ethnic lifestyle, inner peace of mind, appealing adventure, and second-to-none photography.

Ha Giang Tourism offers fantastic sightseeing of the natural highlights, interesting ethnic culture, uniquely historical Hmong King Palace, etc., and especially Meo Vac Hill-tribe Market held every Sunday. Among the most iconic hill-tribe markets in Ha Giang Vietnam, Meo Vac always ranks top and can feast visitors’ eyes with the colorful traditional costumes of the Hmong […]

Hoang Su Phi fantastic terraced rice fields are the off-the-beaten-track and imposing destination  in Ha Giang Vietnam. Especially during the harvest season (often falls in September and October), the natural fields are carpeted yellow on the extensive areas, which appeal to nature lovers and people who look for Viet Nam Photo Tours. Hoang Su Phi […]

The Palace of Hmong King Vuong Chinh Duc (called “Nhà Vua Mèo”) has been existed for nearly 100 years old and become the unique tourist attraction in Ha Giang Vietnam. History said that it took 9 years to finish building the site which charged 15 ten thousand Indochinese silver coins (equivalent to 150 billion Vietnamese […]

Banh Sua Island (or Dao Banh Sua in Vietnamese) belongs to “Golden Circle” of the wonderful Bai Tu Long Bay, which is famous for absolute peace, pristine beauty, and yummy fresh seafood. The island itself is also named “Tu Hai” – the delicious seafood Geo-Duck or the scientific name is Lutraria philippinarum which have been […]

Following 4C Highway from Ha Giang City to Dong Van District, make sure you have time for the charming Pho Bang Town. In the morning mist, the town appears as fairy as the one in the fables. The first time you visit this off-the-beaten-track destination, it feels like you’re discovering the fairyland which is beautiful, […]

Cao Bang Vietnam is known for pristine waterfalls, traditional villages, ethnic minority groups, and historical attractions namely Pac Bo Cave and Relic of Heroic Martyr Kim Dong. If holding an interest in the relics related to Uncle Ho (President Ho Chi Minh) and other Vietnamese heroic martyrs, then Cao Bang is an ideal destination to visit. […]

Sapa Vietnam has numerous beautiful and exquisite corners for year-round vacations in which people discover the cool vibe, stunning mountain, ethnic village, etc. The experiences are all worthy and memorable. For a complete discovery of Sapa, find a full guide below so that trip to the existing paradise in the northwest of Vietnam just goes […]

Lim Mong Village is one of the most beautiful highlights in Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai Province, which is extremely famous for heavenly terraced rice fields carpeted in yellow during the harvest season. If you’re holding a passion for spectacular hill sceneries and friendly hill tribes, then Lim Mong is a must to see in […]

Dien Bien Phu in Vietnam is connected with the historical Dien Bien Phu Victory 1954. Nowadays, history lovers from all corners of the world still admire the charming and powerful Dien Bien Phu. Dien Bien Province is positioned in the Northwest of Vietnam, encompassed by Lai Chau Province and Son La Provinces of Vietnam, Phongsali […]