Islands in Vietnam for impressive beach vacation escape

Besides the mesmerizing mainland, Vietnam is blessed with the glamorous system of islands along her S shape. It’s lucky that most of the islands in Vietnam remain primeval and attractive, withstanding the influence of natural disasters or tourism influx. In that sense, the holiday to Vietnam islands never ceases to satisfy and amuse the holidaymakers all over the world. While some inevitably become addicted to the pearl Phu Quoc Island, the others spend special emotion for the loving Cat Ba Island.

It is a long list to name all of the fabulous islands in Vietnam, but here are the top paradise islands for you to enjoy the peaceful escape: Con Dao Island, Ly Son Island, Co To Island, Ba Lua Island, Cu Lao Cham Island, Tuan Chau Island, etc. The Vietnam islands are mostly featured with the vast white-sand beaches, transparent seawater, tropical tree lines, and cool wind. Some are famously marked with their unique specialties. For example, Con Dao Island has precious pearl industry and Ly Son Island owns the matchless garlic farm and the shining blue sea.

Enjoy Vietnam honeymoon tours packages in the favorite radiant islands is what many honeymooners do these days. Without a doubt, the senses of romance, sweetness, and freedom are blossoming in the islands. Based on the two’s preference, you can choose to honeymoon in either the animated islands or the peaceful one. That is your choice to perfect the sweetest trip of a lifetime, and Vietnam islands will never fail to boost it. Come on booking the packages that you like most, and then wait for the impeccable hand-in-hand escape.

Banh Sua Island (or Dao Banh Sua in Vietnamese) belongs to “Golden Circle” of the wonderful Bai Tu Long Bay, which is famous for absolute peace, pristine beauty, and yummy fresh seafood. The island itself is also named “Tu Hai” – the delicious seafood Geo-Duck or the scientific name is Lutraria philippinarum which have been […]

Phu Quoc Island things to do? Phu Quoc is the biggest and one of the most picturesque islands in Vietnam. Its highlights refer to the pearl, spectacular seascape, and Phu Quoc National Park, etc. Your time and budget should always be profitable in Phu Quoc Island. Follow hereunder the useful Phu Quoc tourist information to […]

Co To Island is usually present in the list of the best islands in Halong Bay Vietnam for the second-to-none trip. The destination prefers to the paradise of sea and sand where you get immersed into the enchanting sceneries. There is no lack of excitement there as you can do lots of exciting things. Get […]

With the ideal geography and landscape, it is no doubt to say that Ly Son Island is the Jeju island of Vietnam. According to many scientists, this beautiful island in Quang Ngai was formed by the volcanic eruption millions years ago. About 30km away from the mainland, Ly Son gains the big fame for the […]

Situated in Bai Tu Long Bay – Ha Long in the northeastern part of Quang Ninh Province, Ba Mun Island is among the largest and most impressive clusters of isles which are featured with the richest abundance of flora housed in Bai Tu Long National Park. Being domestically rated as the “precious pearl” in Bai […]

Con Dao is an island group in the East Sea of Vietnam. There are 16 islands in Con Dao Archipelago, and among these, Con Son is the largest one. Right from Ho Chi Minh International Airport, it’s very easy to reach Con Son Island within 1 hour. Since the islands are mainly occupied by fishermen and […]

Right in Hai Phong, the most favorably impressive site for tourists is regarded as Cat Ba Island. To facilitate the site’s exploration, many ferries from Hai Phong to Cat Ba Island have long been run several times per day. Besides, there are other means of transport such as hydrofoil boats, and high-speed Thong Nhat Boat.  […]