Central Vietnam Tours

If you are still waiting for an impeccable holiday, then the Central Vietnam promises to fulfill that want. With the Central Vietnam Tours right in Hoi An Old Town and Hue Imperial City – the two UNESCO world heritages, you step into an authentic world of Vietnamese history and culture. Both Hoi An and Hue are the indispensable highlights of the Central Vietnam that none denies visiting whenever they arrive at this beautiful region. Have you ever explored any of these two sites? While Hoi An is pictured with the colorful lanterns and antique houses, Hue holds the royal past of Vietnam via the imperial city, romantic river, and age-old pagodas.

Admittedly, the one-day Hoi An Tour lets you see the hundred-of-year-old houses like Tan Ky House, the remarkable Japanese Covered Bridge, Phuc Kien Congressional Assembly House, etc., in an exciting manner. Along with that, the Hue Tour brings you to the giant museum world with the Imperial Citadel, Thien Mu Pagoda, Tombs of Nguyen Kings, and more. All together creates the historical zone that takes you back in time. In the first time that you set foot in the Imperial City, you’ll be amazed at the well-preserved ancient royal settings.

Within Hoi An and Hue, the day-and-night Center Vietnam Tours take you out of the monotonous life and push you towards the classical ambiance fulfilled with numerous old-age houses, brilliant lanterns, sacred pagodas, romantic rivers, etc. Instead of the modern and luxurious senses, the stopover in the Center of Vietnam promotes the historical and nostalgic feelings. After all, Center Vietnam Tours is a charming way to unwind and relax in a bustle-free journey.

Hoi An ancient town is known as a living museum located in the center of Vietnam. Stay in Hoi An and book a full-day Hoi An Photography Tour is the best way for photo lovers to capture the old city and daily life. Discover the special Hoi An City Tour now !

Located in the center of Vietnam, Hue City is recognized as UNESCO World Heritage. Hue photography tour within one day will give you the opportunity to discover and take pictures of landscapes, historical monuments and local daily life as well.

Be a part of Hoi An, the most charming town in Vietnam. This town is just like a living museum where local people still live in buildings hundreds of years old. Visit Phuc Kien Congressional Assembly Hall, the Japanese Covered Bridge and the 200 year old house of Tan Ky. In addition, we will take you to see the different aspects of Hoi An by a cyclo trip to the rural area around the town, and you will see the daily activities of life by a boat trip on Thu Bon River.

Feel the ancient feudalism atmosphere of Hue - the capital of the last dynasty of Vietnam up to 1945. The city itself is just like a big museum with the Imperial Citadel, Mausoleum of the Kings, and Thien Mu Pagoda. You also can see a very different Hue by the cyclo trip to the area around Citadel or the peaceful walk to Kim Long Village.

This itinerary designed for the travelers who did not have much time but still can have beautiful glimpse of the center of Vietnam included Hue and Hoi An - two world heritages with all the highlights in the most reasonable way.