Vietnam Central Highland – Tourist Destinations in the Central Highland of Vietnam

If the desirable vacation days off are coming and you have not decided where to invest the free time in, let us draw your interest towards Central Highland Vietnam Tours. Ever heard something about this region? Just do a simple Google search; you’ll be immediately impressed by the mesmerizing images of Da Lat – the eternal young city as a real paradise. Almost any picture of the City of Love is gorgeous. The visitors cannot help praising for it, and in fact, the city can be called by some intriguing names based on its matchless characteristics such as the Foggy City, City of Flowers, Pine Forest City, Le Petit Paris, etc. Anybody that used to visit Da Lat once is eager to talk about this eternally beautiful city, and so do you.

Together with Da Lat City, Buon Me Thuot is recognizable as “the capital of coffee” and the peaceful home to many ethnic groups as well as the rich wildlife. More and more nature lovers and adventurers have come to Buon Me Thuot, the key city of Dak Lak Province, to get immersed in the primeval nature, experience elephant riding, and join the plain life of the local ethnic people.

How about the Vietnam Adventure Tours in the central highland? Of course, the journeys will be full of laughter. You come to explore the beautifully pristine waterfalls, mountains, lakes, and valleys that make up the trademark of Da Lat Tourism. And, Buon Me Thuot will amaze you with the interesting long houses of the Ede villagers and the majestic waterfalls that are all perfect for sightseeing and photographing all year round. All in all, Vietnam Tour Packages in Central Highland are wonderfully planned to cheer you up and leave you with the sweetest memorabilia ever.

Vietnam Central Highlands is a beautiful destination with many stunning sceneries, rich ethnic culture, and long-lasting customs of various minorities. The journey to the highlands will be full of fantastic activities from trekking to riding elephants, eco-tours, and more. Also, a great joy to do is to savor the local coffee. Getting to Central Highlands […]

Pleiku in Vietnam is said to be a sleepy town in which nightlife is not much to experience, but the scenery is incredibly spectacular. In Vietnam Central Highlands, the list of the top places to visit always includes Pleiku. Pleiku is a provincial capital of Gia Lai Province, in the Vietnam Central Highlands. Pleiku town […]

Buon Ma Thuot in Vietnam (or Ban Me Thuot) is a precious city that people always recommend you to go to enjoy the real coffee of this country. If arriving at the Central Highlands of Vietnam, then please enjoy some of your time in the capital city of Dak Lak Province: Buon Ma Thuot. Buon […]

Da Lat in Vietnam is a city that can ignite and keep the spark of love for a long run so that more and more couples prefer traveling there. Provided that you might hear the names of “City of Love,” “City of Flowers,” “Le Petit Paris,” and “City of Eternal Spring,” then they refer to […]