Center of Vietnam – Tourist destinations in the Center of Vietnam

If you are long for a happy and memorable vacation, it’s highly recommended to head towards the Center of Vietnam and experience the promoted Central Vietnam Tours on this page. The S-shaped country is blessed beautifully, but the central region might be more special with many appealing attractions that even surprise the whole world constantly. In the recent time, the matchless grandeur of Son Doong Cave has hit the international adventurers, and it gets ranked as the world’s biggest cave. The rise of Soon Doong Cave helps boost tourism in Quang Binh Province. Together with the UNESCO World Heritage complex of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Quang Binh stands out as one of the must-see destinations in every eco-friendly and adventure tours.

Besides praising for Quang Binh, it cannot help voting for other bewitching places in Center of Vietnam namely Da Nang, Hue, Hoi An, Quy Nhon, and Quang Nam. Da Nang is Vietnam’s most-worth living city with countless interesting sites; Hoi An is noted for unique antique atmosphere with colorful symbolic lanterns and old houses; Hue Imperial City marks the state of Vietnam’s royal past. Also, don’t miss My Son Sanctuary – the irreplaceable UNESCO heritage of mankind. Apparently, Vietnam tour packages in the central regions are full of excitement and sweetness. The single thing to consider is to pick up the most favorite destination to see first!

Right in the central zone, Vietnam day tours can be fulfilled with hundreds of flattering photos and videos to share, new historical and cultural knowledge to note down, exciting discovery for the everlasting memorabilia. While daytime is perfect, nightlife energizes you with unique recreation. What is it? Just come to check!

Son Tra Nature Reserve is located in Da Nang City, the South Central Coast of Vietnam. This is a beautiful peninsula known for the enthralling landscape of islands and forest. Especially, the Site shelters the red-shanked doucs, ensuring the very attractive biodiversity. Ecotourism highlights in Son Tra are so abundant and captivating that keep attracting […]

Kalon Song Mao Nature Reserve is located in Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam. This protected area owns spectacular landscape for sightseeing and an ideal setting for trekking all seasons. Visitors will be pleased to get immersed in the evergreen forest and roam around the scenic canopy dominated by species of the Fabaceae, Fagaceae, Dipterocarpaceae, and Sapindaceae […]

Marble Mountains in Da Nang Vietnam (called “Ngũ Hành Sơn” in Vietnamese which means “Five Element Mountains”) are a must-see attraction which stimulates the fullest discovery of all amazing highlights. While some visitors question what five mountains are, others are interested in astonishing caves. If you’re about to see this tourist attraction, get to know […]

Tam Giang Lagoon in Hue Vietnam is a beautiful attraction that is famed for complete peace, scenic scenery, and harmonious lifestyle. Though the coastal plain of Hue owns several lagoons, Tam Giang seems to be the most famous and fabulous that is worth visiting all seasons. Not only do visitor appreciate the fantastic nature, but […]

Phu Yen is a coastal destination in the South Central Coast of Vietnam. It has the gifts of many appealing attractions that win the visitors’ praises. If you’re seeking for the picturesque easternmost province of Vietnam’s mainland, then proceed to Phu Yen! About Phu Yen Destination The capital of Phu Yen is Tuy Hoa City. […]

Quy Nhon in Vietnam is a so-called poetic city that has long been appreciated in local poems and literature. If you’re finding a place where peace and romance are well-blended, then a worthy destination should be Quy Nhon. Quy Nhon city is a coastal site in the southeast of Binh Dinh Province in the center […]

Hoi An is one of the oldest and most peaceful destinations in Vietnam for people to rest and even enjoy the journey back in time. The Hoi An Old Town has been the magnetic attraction since 1999 when it was inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you’ve ever heard about a fascinatingly ancient city […]

Da Nang is a renowned port city situated along the South Central Coast, which is measured as Vietnam’s third largest city and also the major hub for commerce, tourism, and education. Especially, if talking about the cleanest and most worth-living city in Vietnam, then it is Da Nang. About Da Nang in Vietnam Da Nang […]

Hue is a romantic and tranquil city in the central Vietnam. Historically, Hue was the seat of Nguyen Dynasty Emperors and functioned as the national capital (1802-1945). People always refer to the 19th-century Citadel encompassing the Imperial City whenever talking about tourism highlights of Hue in Vietnam. About Hue in Vietnam Hue gains worldwide recognition […]

Quang Binh in Vietnam is believed to be the blessed land with absolute nature to amaze all of the visitors every time they come. Nature seems to be the best gift that the Creator gives Quang Binh, and many people do use the nickname of ‘an existing heaven’ to refer to Quang Binh. Quang Binh […]