Sapa Vietnam has numerous beautiful and exquisite corners for year-round vacations in which people discover the cool vibe, stunning mountain, ethnic village, etc. The experiences are all worthy and memorable. For a complete discovery of Sapa, find a full guide below so that trip to the existing paradise in the northwest of Vietnam just goes perfectly.

Sapa Vietnam Tours, what can attract tourists?

The first time you set foot in Sapa, you feel the cool air striking your senses as Sapa is the highland frontier town of Lao Cai Province, about 380km to the northwestern Hanoi. There, you join the real paradise beautified with the magnificent mountain, fabulous waterfall, majestic terraced rice fields, exceptional hill-tribe villages, scenic coffee shops, and more. Photography in Sapa is just impeccable and matchless as you come up with various remarkable sites to adore.

First of all, the Stone Cathedral (Nha Tho Da) is an ancient religious construction built in 1895. Today, the Cathedral is still the most finished stone architecture of the French in Sapa. Behind the solid, historical building is the spectacular Ham Rong Mountain (Dragon’s Mouth) and in front of its is the spacious ground to serve many cultural and tourist activities.

Stone Cathedral in the center of Sapa Town

Stone Cathedral in the center of Sapa Town

Next, the Love Waterfall and Silver Waterfall are so fairy and picturesque that can mesmerize every audience. Next to the Heaven Gate in O Quy Ho Pass, the Love Waterfall is nestled amidst the paradise spectacle which is very pristine, imposing, and marvelous. Besides, the 200m high Silver Waterfall owns the silver line of water pouring down, and the best site to contemplate this fresh waterfall is from the top of Ham Rong Mountain. And, the mountain named after the Dragon’s Mouth is spectacular itself with the inspiring stone stairs and several hills overlooking the charming Sapa Town.

Then, a must to see is Fansipan Mountain whose height is 3.143 meters (called Roof of the Indochina). Thanks to the award-winning cable system, it’s now more feasible, interesting, and engaging than ever to reach the top of Fansipan. The cable transport takes around 15 minutes to arrive at the mountain in which you see the conical sign telling the Fansipan height of 3.143 meters. You will be overwhelmed with joy by the grandeur and beauty of this renowned Roof of the Indochina where the clouds are moving beneath your feet and the white mist is pampering you.

And, Cat Cat Village is the most outstanding village to experience the local lifestyle, enjoy amazing scenery, interact with ethnic people who offer the motorbike taxi services and buy things at various brocade booths. Walking is ideal for Cat Cat, and the sunset scene in this spot is very fascinating.

What’s more, Sapa has the night markets as well as the weekly hill-tribe markets. The night market has a full range of the beautiful and skillful brocades whose prices are not expensive at all. Regarding the local hill-tribe markets, come to know Ban Phien Market and Bac Ha Market (Monday), Coc Ly Market (Tuesday), Lung Khau Nhin Market (Thursday), and Can Cau Market (Saturday). These are the best places to mingle with Sapa hill tribes and purchase the identical brocade fabric and brocade costume.

Muong Hoa Valley in Sapa

Muong Hoa Valley in Sapa

Top 5 Dishes in Sapa You Must Savor

  1. Salmon Hot Pot: No place has the better salmon than Sapa. The fish in this lovely town is fresh, sweet, and delicious for the mouth-watering hot pot. In the cold Sapa weather, it’s truly perfect to relish the hot pot with the nutrient salmon and various herbs.
  2. The grilled food: Only a few places can compare with Sapa in terms of the grilled food, not only the beef but also pork, sausage, fish, potato, root vegetable, and more. The prices depend on the kind of food being grilled. The interesting trait is that you choose the ingredient and wait for the seller to process it right away. Then, you enjoy the hot, aromatic, and appetizing barbecued dishes.
  3. The wild chestnut: The Sapa wild chestnuts are roasted in the high temperature with salt and cheese, resulting in the succulent and addictive snack. The guests can buy kilograms of the processed wild chestnuts and enjoy during the trip or bring home.
  4. Eggs with Chinese herbs: This is one of the most distinct dishes of Sapa residents. The chicken eggs or quail eggs are steamed with the Chinese herbs for 24 hours. The taste is healthy and unique. This food can be purchased in dozens or more.
  5. The 5-color sticky rice: This is the yummy breakfast that is quite popular in local restaurants, streets, or markets. The sticky rice is made in 5 colors including red, green, yellow, purple, and white. Know that these colors are extracted naturally from the leaves.
    Sapa Street Food

    Grilled food in Sapa – Sapa street food

Facts about Cable Car System of Sun World Fansipan Legend

  • This is the world’s highest, longest and most modern cable car system.
  • It was designed by the well-known Doppelmayr, which guarantees the utmost safety of the cable car technology.
  • It can transport up to 2.000 passengers per hour, with 35 cabins, and each cabin has the capacity of 30-35 people.
  • It won two Guinness World Records: (1) The longest non-stop three-rope cable car of 6292.5m; (2) The biggest elevation difference by a non-stop three-rope cable car of 1410m.
  • Its operating time is from 7:30 to 17:30 every day.
  • Fansipan cable car delivers the exceptional experience above the clouds, the scenic spectacle of Muong Hoa Valley, Hoang Lien Son Range, and more.
  • You can shorten the duration to reach the top of Fansipan, from 2-day Sapa trekking to 15-minute cable car ride.
  • The cable car prices are made public; for adult, it is 600.000 VND/ticket/passenger. Note that this is the round-way ticket which means you have to keep the hard ticket throughout the time on Fansipan Mountain. Especially, the ticket price is only used during the day.
  • The temperature on Fansipan is around 8-10 Celsius degrees so you need the warm clothing.
    Cable Car to Fansipan

    Cable Car to Fansipan

Sapa Tour makes every step of yours the forever-lasting enjoyable moments!

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