Check In 5 Top Bewitching Islands in Quang Ninh beside Halong Bay
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Travel to Quang Ninh, beside the wonderfully well-known Halong Bay, find for yourself pristine and bewitching islands to enjoy peace and privacy away from the bustling world. Here are 5 top islands in Quang Ninh that you should always check in when you book your tours in Vietnam !

#1: Banh Sua Island

Banh Sua Island is situated on captivating Bai Tu Long Bay. Not only does the island have a sweet name (“Banh Sua” means a kind of sweet and milky cake), but it also is gifted with wild beauty to bewitches nature lovers. With an area of only 1 square kilometer, the island looks similar to a little turtle amidst spacious sea. Some of the best things that set this venue apart include incomparable peace, inspiring vibe, and simple yet lovely bungalows where to relax on your own.

Wandering around Banh Sua Island in Quang Ninh is what many vacationers love to do. If you are longing for a peaceful and private zone, this island delivers the valuable peace and privacy. Also, enjoy swimming, scuba diving to see colorful corals, or simply lying on the beach to clear the mind.

Banh Sua Island in Quang Ninh

Banh Sua Island in Quang Ninh

#2: Co To Island

It takes around 3-hour boat from Cai Rong Port to Co To Island – the big favorite for summer vacation these days. This island is ideal for camping, having a picnic, and playing various water sports. In harmony with local villages and newly-built tourist spots, the seascape remains primeval and enchanting with blue sea, white sand, green tree, and yellow sunlight. You find a perfect picture of Nature where the art of color is well nurtured. The local and international youths love campfire on the scenic beach of Co To Island making it the top destination for young communities.  Biking in Co To Island has become a hot trend amongst the youth. Go to see Co To Lighthouse, Van Chai Port, and Cau My Stone Group. Also, don’t miss the early morning markets to buy the freshest seafood for BBQ parties.

Co To Island in Quang Ninh

Co To Island in Quang Ninh

#3: Ngoc Vung Island

The name of the island is derived from the tale that there were many pearls illuminating at night in this region. Groups of tourists come to check in this haven as hundreds of beautiful photos have been being taken and released online. This island seems to be more advantageous than the others because it owns the paddy fields, small valleys, and ecological lakes for the residents to develop agriculture. The highlights of Ngoc Vung can be the 3km-long Truong Chinh Beach, spaciously green rice fields which turn yellow during harvest season.

Ngoc Vung Island in Quang Ninh

Ngoc Vung Island in Quang Ninh

#4: Quan Lan Island

Belonging to Bai Tu Long Bay, the poetic Quan Lan Island is famous for serenity and romance established by miles of the white sand bank, lush green ranges, untouched beaches, and the flashback to the bustling commercial port. Travel to Quan Lan Island, you are showered with opportunities to get immersed in Nature and become stress-free as well as happy. Know that the smooth, white sand there are exploited to produce glasses. Bordered by Bai Tu Long Bay and away from the mainland, Quan Lan is voted to own the most transparent blue seawater in the North of Vietnam.

Quan Lan Island in Quang Ninh

Quan Lan Island in Quang Ninh

 #5: Mat Rong Island (The Dragon’s Eyes Island)

The island named Dragon’s Eyes is on the growth to be the hot destination for the youth to fulfill their adventurous spirit. This beautiful haven is located in the south of the UNESCO Halong Bay and connected to Lan Ha Bay. In shape of the dragon’s eyes, which you can contemplate fully from the bird-eye view via a helicopter or seaplane) or by using fly-cam, amidst the jade water and impressive mountain ranges, this tranquil retreat delivers the true feeling of escape.

Mat Rong Island in Quang Ninh - source: internet

Mat Rong Island in Quang Ninh – source: internet

From the jade seawater to the white sand bank and green trees, the five bewitching islands in Quang Ninh can definitely captivate you. Go on checking in them beside the magical Halong Bay.

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