Chau Doc has been welcoming a great deal of visitors coming to its tourist attractions on an annual basis. While some go see the land for the healthy spirituality, others want to explore the mysterious history of its canal, temple and pagoda. Chau Doc is a district and a town of An Giang Province, in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. Chau Doc is bordered by Cambodia, so it’s easy for witnessing the cross-cultural scenarios: you can go to Phnom Penh via boat on Mekong River or by land through Tinh Bien border. The town is fostered by Hau River and Vinh Te Canal. Just about 250km to the west of Ho Chi Minh City, Chau Doc welcomes all tourists exploring to its tourist sites conveniently.

Population density is in the center of the town, including King, Cham, Khmer group, and Chinese. Here is how they have scattered throughout the regions: the King people are most crowded; Chinese people are at the center; the Cham gathers along the Hau River; and the Khmer groups are at the border of Chau Doc and Cambodia.

Where to Visit When You Go See Chau Doc

The foremost tourist attraction which everybody thinks of during their Chau Doc Tour is surely The Lady Temple (called Mieu Ba Chua Xu in Vietnamese), which is ranked in national culture relic list. It’s worth pointing out that this significant temple attracts thousands of visitors to come and pray annually. This is a crucial relic of An Giang Province in general. Due to the legendary origin, the temple is highly believed to be the authentic spiritual place where everybody comes for luck, peace, health, and wealth. Though the foundation of the Lady’s Statue is still in secret, a large-scale Ba Chua Xu Temple Festival is celebrated every year.

Next, Tay An Pagoda (or Nui Sam Pagoda) is situated in the bottom of Sam Mountain, just about 5km from Chau Doc Town. The pagoda’s architecture was the blend of Muslim and Indian and the old Vietnamese Pagoda fashion. Inside the pagoda, you find numerous Buddha statues carved artistically well in the 19th century style. It was spotted on the list of national relics. In reference to Sam Mountain, it is the captivating attraction with the height of about 284m above the sea level. The mountain challenges tourists to conquer its height for spiritual targets. From its summit, you can spread eyes over the huge area of the border from Chau Doc Town to Tinh Bien.

The history of Chau Doc cannot lack the presence of Vinh Te Canal. Anybody that is keen on the region’s history will be eager to learn about the formation of Vinh Te Canal, which is situated between An Giang and Kien Giang Province. Historically, this momentous canal was finished in 1824 within 91km long, 3m deep and 25m wide.

Later, look for the floating fishing villages in Chau Doc! The local people benefit from the river by fishing and also raising various kinds of fish. “Mam” is the land’s specialty, which is made from fish. Along your traveling route to Nui Sam Pagoda and The Lady Temple, it is extremely easy to spot “Mam” and dried fish… Click this link to view the complete guide of Chau Doc in Vietnam .