Can Tho is the 4th biggest city in Vietnam, and the largest one in the Mekong Delta region. Can Tho is spotlighted with its floating market, rice paper making village, and beautiful rural canals. The city is set in the south bank of the Hau River, a branch of Mekong, and visitors can reach it easily within 169km from Ho Chi Minh City (or Saigon). Can Tho is an independent municipality at the similar degree as other Vietnamese provinces. In the beginning of 2004, the former Can Tho Province was split into two new administrative units including Can Tho City and Hau Giang Province. From then, the city of Can Tho becomes operational with advantages on transportation, economy, and tourism. From this city, it’s extremely easy to reach An Giang, Kien Giang, Hau Giang, Vinh Long, and Dong Thap provinces.

Can Tho – A Green Destination and A Gate Of Mekong Delta

Travelers can set foot on Can Tho City either by land or by water. Mekong Delta is regarded as the “rice basket of Vietnam”. Therefore, Can Tho, a gate of Mekong Delta, is greatly valued by the popular sayings as 

“Can Tho, white rice, pure water,

All who come wish never to leave”

In fact, the green destination can win the guests’ interest in its floating markets in the very first sight. Though Can Tho is not the unique place housing the floating markets in Vietnam, it’s worth pointing out the fact that the Phong Dien and Cai Rang floating markets of Can Tho are most active, diverse and crowded. There is uncountable number of sellers and buyers on the river. Visitors can nimble-footed take numerous uniquely impressive photographs. Besides, don’t miss a chance to communicate with the locals and try buying some of their products! Then, tell your friends how it is great to buy a variety of tropical fresh fruits on boats. And if you’re wonder which fruits to buy on Cai Rang floating market, here are the answers: pomelo, longan, mango, jackfruit, pumpkins, sugarcanes, and durian. The lively and animated atmosphere in the morning on the river will amaze you.

Next, go see Can Tho Bridge, the longest cable-stayed bridge in the Southeast Asia and also the most expensive bridge in Vietnam. Completed on April 2010, the momentous bridge crossed Hau River and connected Can Tho City and Ving Long City with the length of 2.75 km (including 4 lanes for traffic and 2 lanes for pedestrians), which makes up the picturesque scenes and extreme convenience for the Mekong Delta people.

If you hold interest in the land’s history, please stop by Can Tho Museum. It is the biggest museum in Mekong Delta, where numerous historical relics and culture of Oc Eo, Khmer, Hoa, and Viet are shown. Besides, Binh Thuy Temple is another should-visit place for its special architecture. You can further elevate your trip by sightseeing over Bang Lang Sanctuary (just about 45 km from Can Tho City), which is the house of thousands of birds. And if you still have extra time, come to see Ninh Kieu Quay, Can Tho Cathedral, and Quang Duc Pagoda.

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