Cai Lay is in the region of Tien Giang, which is most famous for its idyllic charm of Mekong Delta region. When you arrive at Tien Giang, remember to check out the name of Cai Lay district covering an area of 411 km2! Various posted photos about this destination will definitely please your mind and win your interest in its primitive enchantment. The town situates on Highway 1A, which connects to Ho Chi Minh City and is very convenient for tourism merits. Provided that you’re interested in experiencing the local life of Mekong Delta, enjoy the day trips to Cai Lay which rarely fail to thrill you. Know that most villages here are usually accessible by canals and rivers! Therefore, the land promises to offer you the infinite fun and fresh enjoyment.

Tour to Cai Lay District and Experience Homestay Soon

A full day tour to Cai Lay really makes your Mekong Delta exploration fresh and exciting. Just about 2 hours of driving south from Ho Chi Minh City, travelers can easily reach this destination. Besides, it’s probable to take a boat. To the Vietnamese, it’s agreed that Cai Lay District is the gate to Mekong Delta, also named the “rice bowl” of the nation. Along your route from Saigon to Cai Lay, there stands My Tho tourist destination where you can explore the 4 islands of Dragon, Unicorn, Turtle, and Phoenix. Sightseeing onboard is perfect indeed!

Meanwhile, tourists can enjoy the seasonal tropical fruits and get indulged into the traditional music ambiance served by the local inhabitants. In most cases, Cai Lay is the top choice for homestay that most vacationers choose, if they decide to spend night in this destination.  Cai Lay is among the most fertile regions in the Mekong Delta, the major producer of rice and also tropical fruits. During your homestay here, it’s motivated to explore the village on foot at night. Your dinner with the local family is typically delicious, so no need to worry.

The countryside is presented before your eyes via boat sailing tours. Along the way, you can witness the charm of green jungle. It’s also exciting to enjoy a leisure bicycle ride to run around the village for 1 hour. One thing you can be sure about the locals in Cai Lay District is that they are very friendly and generous. So, please stop by the rice field and watch how the farmers harvesting rice or planning the water lemon! The local’s kindness gives you the awesome opportunities to savor the fresh fruits and many delicious local dishes. More details on Mekong tour to Cai Lay here !

Since Tien Giang is gifted with the rich aquatic supply, it’s not a big surprise to say that Cai Lay tourist destination has abundant collection of freshwater fish which turns to the healthy tasteful meals for you in dinning time. Along with that, it cannot help praising for the large store of fresh fruits this idyllic spot such as sweet mango, thick-skinned orange, etc. Picking fruits and enjoy them immediately will be one of the most exciting things you can experience! Though Cai Lay in Mekong Delta is a rural district, it is in development and has potential to give you the most idyllic and restful moment.