Buon Ma Thuot (or Ban Me Thuot in Vietnamese) is the city of Dak Lak Province. The population of Buon Ma Thuot was reported approximately as 300,000. In the central highland area of Vietnam, this is the largest city that is most well-known as the “capital of coffee”. The city was formerly placed by the ethnic group of Ede, so its name derived from the Ede language, meaning “the village of Thuot’s father”. Beside the interesting name, this tourist destination promises to offer various highlights and activities to all guests. At 536m height above the sea level, Buon Ma Thuot’s geography is inspirational enough to win vacationers’ passion, particularly as 350km to the northwest and 1410km to Hanoi. The region’s core economy is agriculture, and the key is coffee.

What to Discover When You’re in Buon Ma Thuot?

First, coffee in Buon Ma Thuot is famous worldwide for decades. Dak Lak today is covered by about 200,000 hectares of coffee and has grown to be the best supplier for this industry in Vietnam. So, if you set foot in this destination, remember to invite each other a cup of coffee as this is an exclusive feature of Dak Lak people. Typically, you can find numerous coffee shops along the corners, mostly labeled with Trung Nguyen Coffee Company. In the central highland, Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival is among the biggest festivals. This event is to value the role of coffee tree which brings wealth to the locals and pride to Vietnamese coffee market.

Next, Buon Ma Thuot is noted with the National Vietnam Museum in Dak Lak, the historical spot constructed in 1926 – 1927 and was Bao Dai Palace in the past. The museum was reconstructed in the fashion of Ede group’s long house, tile roofs and wooden floors. This site houses numerous cultural objects of 44 ethnic groups available in Dak Lak, so don’t miss it!

Go on your Buon Me Thuot City Tour and stop by Ako Dhong Village (the village of Ede people) which is in the heart of the city. The houses were impressively built correspondently to the traditional fashion: the long house with the stair in front. Some houses may also be beautified with a small flowery garden. At present, the Ede groups have built various contemporary villas behind their ancient houses.

And if you love to sightsee forests, move to York Don National Park where protects about 528km2 of biological area and is a part of perhaps the biggest protected complex in Southeast Asia. To get close to nature, remember to discover Dray Sap Waterfall and Dray Nur Waterfall! The two sets of waterfall make your highland exploration naturally perfect, and you will soon love the alike foggy views. The primitive nature is ideal for majestic photos.

The tourists’ eyes are kept open during their visit to Don Village where the wild elephants are trained well. You can greatly enjoy an elephant ride crossing the Serepok River or going around Don Village. Also come to see the Tom of the Elephant’s King to learn more about Khun Yu Nop, the legendary character who was gifted in hunting and training the wild elephant.

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