There stands a wide range of exciting festivals and events in Vietnam that aims to entertain the community, express respect to the national heroes, and commemorate the remarkable days as well. If you’re looking for a fantastic festival that takes place in the specific region, it’s preferably introduced Buffalo Sacrifice Festival that is featured with the ceremonial rites and entertaining activities. This special annual event will definitely please your mind and heart in the bustling atmosphere where everybody stays happy and energetic.

Glimpse of Buffalo Sacrifice Festival

Informatively, the eminent Festival takes place in the Central Highland (Tay Nguyen) of Vietnam on the annual basics. Held from the 12th lunar month of the previous year to the 3rd month of the next year, the Buffalo Sacrifice Festival is popularly voted as the most outstanding cultural activity of the ethnic minority community with the hopes to obtain the wealthy harvest and blissful life.

In order to prepare for the ceremony, the young men are in charge of going into the forest and cutting down the 4 big trees. They will carve the identical motifs and patterns on them that denote the miracle terrain, spiritual culture, and special beliefs there. On the merry day, people will set up the 4 pillars at 4 corners of a vacant ground. With effects of the sounds created by drums and Gongs, a buffalo is then lead to the center of the ground and tied to the Gingga Pillar at the frontage of the Communal House. Later, about 4 P.M., the young male villagers will wear the colorful shirts called “Blan” to begin playing drums and Gongs. In the meantime, the others gather and talk to each other cheerfully.

When the chair of the ceremony stands next to the tied buffalo, he begins praying the Mother Nature for the prosperous harvest. After that, the village men and women enjoy dancing happily. Thanks to the fantastic rhythm, people can dance in the energetic way with no sign of boredom. The female dancers can also enjoy splashing water to the male ones. Culturally speaking, the men that can’t avoid the water are said to hardly get married. Therefore, it’s encouraged to move as fast as possible.

Once the ceremony of dancing is completed, it comes to the time of Buffalo Sacrifice. As usual, the guys that can kill the buffalo with one stab receive lots of pride and praises. The dead buffalo’s meat is shared to all of the households in the village and is also eaten together at the Communal House while the horns are hung on the wall of the House and the blood is to wash the village’s treasures.

Together with the cultural and spiritual meanings, Buffalo Sacrifice Festival also manifests many entertaining activities such as dancing, drinking, playing drums and gongs, and eating the traditional foods (buffalo meet, bamboo-tube rice, etc.). As a result, it enables the visitors and participants to stay cleared of sadness and jealousy. Rather, joy and fun are multiplied. Up to now, the Festival plays the significant roles in shaping the unique lifestyle and identify of Tay Nguyen Community that is made up of many ethnic minority groups.