Boat Trip On Thu Bon River
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Thu Bon River flows all the way from Hoi An to the sea at Cua Dai estuary. In the past, this was the entrance for the merchant boats sailing to Hoi An from Cua Dai. The river here has brackish water in which the best fish in the area live, so fishing is a very popular activity on the river. The people in Hoi An make amazingly huge fishing nets which can be raised up and down by a system of ropes and bamboo rollers from small huts close to the shore. It is really a masterpiece of the local people here. To lift the net up, a man just needs to sit in his hut and use his feet for rolling the rope by the bamboo roller. On the Thu Bon River boat trip, you will have a chance to see how the nets operate on the river. When the fishing net is totally lifted up, the fisherman will row a small boat to the bottom of the net to get the fish out with a long thin bamboo stick. Then he just loosens the rope, and the net falls into the river again for the next catch.

The other interesting activity you can see on the boat trip is some fishermen catching fish by casting nets into the water. This is one of the most beautiful and interesting actions you can see on this trip, as well as the most traditional and most difficult way to catch fish in Vietnam.

Boat Trip on Thu Bon River, Hoi An

Boat Trip on Thu Bon River, Hoi An

The Cam Nam River is also very famous for the tiny little clams living in the bed of the river. Thu Bon River is shallow enough for people to walk with a special tool for catching the clams. There are many families in Cam Nam village who make a living by boiling the little clams in a big cooker, removing the very little meat out of the tiny clams and selling them together with the broth of the boiled clams at market the next morning. This clam meat and broth is a very popular local food in town.

Our boat will take you toward Cua Dai, where the river flows into the sea. Here you can see lots of amazing fishing nets. Then the boat will take us along the river back to the town. You can see the way local people live along the banks of the river and the many different fishing techniques as we cruise. There are some islets in the middle of the river that local people use for growing corn, peanuts or raising ducks. The scenery will keep your eyes open and make the boat trip back to Hoi An seem much shorter. You will have the best view of Hoi An from the river as the boat takes you back to town, especially at sunset.

The Boat Trip On Thu Bon River is included in Full-Day Hoi An City Tour.

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