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In Hue, the old capital of Vietnam during the Nguyen Dynasty, it cannot help voting for the indispensable attractions of Hue Citadel, Perfume River, Ming Mang Tomb, Thuan An Beach, etc. Besides, the Hue cuisine goes beyond the offspring’s expectation. That said, the Nguyen Kings usually found the best chefs to cook for them. Therefore, […]

The voguish bistro, café shops, bars, and live music centers are the key components of Hoi An’s nightlife scenario. When the sun goes down, the pedestrian-friendly streets of the ancient town turn into a bustling show of the colorful lanterns, full-of-music nightspots, and folk dance performance.  Unlike other cities in Vietnam, the nightspots in Hoi […]

In addition to the Nha Trang beach in Khanh Hoa province and My Khe in Da Nang, the Quan Lan beach Quang Ninh is also estimated as one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam in 2015 The evening of April 13, the ceremony: ” the most attractive destinations in Vietnam in 2015 ” was […]

As a “must see” in Vietnam, Hoi An luckily withstands the modern onslaught of hotels and resorts built to serve flocks of tourists. The antique houses and streets remain peaceful and nostalgic for the newcomers to cherish the peace of mind. There are dozens of guesthouses, hotels and resorts in Hoi An. Hence, picking up […]

Hoi An restaurants and makeshift food stalls are numerous to suit the culinary tourists’ tastes for either the sophisticated dining establishments or the simple yet delicious addresses. Hoi An is ideal for the nostalgic souls; here, people come back in time to the ancient houses, the amiable locals, as well as the long-lasting regional foods. […]

Ha Noi today has been changing her face to better serve the party girls and boys all over the world. There are numerous night party establishments for the party souls to indulge in after the sunset. Together with the alive and kicking bars, the clubs and opera house in Hanoi ensure you all to boost […]

A new Ha Noi trip may drive some new guests to worry about where to stay in Ha Noi, the next ancient destination to be explored. In fact, Ha Noi has a full range of budget, mid-range, and luxurious hotels for you all to lay the heads after the long trip. Sometimes, too many choices […]

It was the horrifying news that Genh Bridge, a critical bridge on the North-South railway line of Vietnam, collapsed on March 20th, 2016. According to the Vietnam Railway Corporation, this unpredictable breakdown has influenced the schedule of up to 5,200 passengers. So, Why Did Genh Bridge Collapse? At the noon on March 20th in the […]

The dining scenery in Ha Noi is burgeoning and promises to offer the big appetite to all visitors who come for the traditional specialties, the reputable Ha Noi street foods, as well as the 5-star restaurants. “Fresh, simple, yet delicious” is what gourmets say about the Ha Noi foods served in its popular eateries, from […]

Nightlife in Saigon sounds energetic and variable due to the corners that you’re standing in the city. While District 1 is full of rooftop bars, casinos, and jazz bands, District 3 is the night paradise of the boisterous street bars and cheap food stalls that are usually packed with backpackers. Whatever your taste for the […]