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It was the horrifying news that Genh Bridge, a critical bridge on the North-South railway line of Vietnam, collapsed on March 20th, 2016. According to the Vietnam Railway Corporation, this unpredictable breakdown has influenced the schedule of up to 5,200 passengers. So, Why Did Genh Bridge Collapse? At the noon on March 20th in the […]

The dining scenery in Ha Noi is burgeoning and promises to offer the big appetite to all visitors who come for the traditional specialties, the reputable Ha Noi street foods, as well as the 5-star restaurants. “Fresh, simple, yet delicious” is what gourmets say about the Ha Noi foods served in its popular eateries, from […]

Nightlife in Saigon sounds energetic and variable due to the corners that you’re standing in the city. While District 1 is full of rooftop bars, casinos, and jazz bands, District 3 is the night paradise of the boisterous street bars and cheap food stalls that are usually packed with backpackers. Whatever your taste for the […]

The Kong: Skull Island (aka King Kong 2) is appealing on its own after the big victory of the King Kong 1 film (2015). For the fans of the film about this legendary monster, the news that this Hollywood film will be processed in Vietnam really interests them. What does Vietnam have for a Hollywood […]

Staying overnight in Ho Chi Minh City is the best channel to explore what the others say about this sleepless city. If you’re asking for the best hotels for tourists, focus on the best names to ensure your satisfaction regarding the hotel services, facilities, prices, locations, and cleanliness. In fact, the city named after Uncle […]

Ho Chi Minh City (also called Saigon formerly) is the most bustling venue of entertainment and cuisine in Vietnam. With hundreds of excellent restaurants that serve the French, Chinese, Indian, Thailand, etc., and of course, the authentic Vietnamese fusions, the culinary scene in the city named after Uncle Ho is proud to be your next […]

There is a long list of things to buy in Ho Chi Minh City as it’s a true mecca for the shopaholics worldwide. Most of the products are priced at a fraction of what it would cost in the foreign countries. There are more and more trendy boutiques in each corner of the city to […]

We are living and working in an era when time can be converted into money in many ways. If you are a kind of busy traveler who takes time for money and highly appreciates the so-called holiday, you’re advised to save time and effort from the transportation stage. Want to avoid wasting time on moving […]

The Vietnamese Traditional Pottery Villages have long been famous for the special recipes that are kept from generation to generation. The Culture of Vietnam is unique with the exclusive pottery products that are only found in Red River Delta. A Deep Look at the Vietnamese Traditional Pottery Villages The traditional pottery villages hold small parts in […]

Ha Noi Old Quarter is one of the most attractive destinations for the tourists domestically and internationally. With many narrow yet crowded roads and houses lying along the side, the Old Quarter is predominantly alluring and lively in the visitors’ eyes. A Nice Glimpse of Ha Noi Old Quarter When you are in Ha Noi […]