Date: 25 Oct – 3 Nov 2014 | Single traveler: Patrick Hanks (LA, USA) | 7-day Vietnam Customized Trip
Was it boring to travel alone? NO, of course! In fact, I had an exciting trip to Vietnam operated by the thoughtful company – Indochina Charm Travel. Let me say that it seemed like she understood what I needed in the tour and actually got it fulfilled with lots of interesting activities to do and places to explore. During the 7-day Vietnam customized trip, I seemed to forget my solitary status and began sharing my hobbies with the new American buddies who have the same interest in Vietnamese Tourism like me. From Hanoi to Sapa and Hoi An, we together climb to reach the summit and enjoy the delicious traditional dishes out there! How great it was! I believe that only this company can give me exactly what I need. Worth well the praise!