Sorting out those of the best ecotourism destinations in Vietnam can urge the nature lovers to opt for the Indochina travel to this beautiful S-shaped country soon. If you want to get rid of the daily hardship and stress, the eco-trip to Vietnam promises to cheer you up with the charming nature, friendly locals, and environmentally sensitive holiday. Are you planing your Vietnam ecotour? Let’s be the eco-tourists in any of the following sites.

#1: Cuc Phuong National Park – The Top Green Ecotourism Site in Vietnam

About 120km from the southwest of Hanoi Capital, Cuc Phuong National Park of Hoa Binh Province is the protected home to various pristine flora and fauna, which ensures the authentic eco-taste holiday. There, you join the natural world filled with the thousand-year-old trees, some of the top endangered animals, the birds named in the World’s Red Book, and more. Visiting this ideal ecotourism site in Vietnam, it feels like you are getting lost in the living museum of the prehistoric periods. While the plants and animals make this Park the friendly home, the scenery of grasses, lakes, mountains, trees, and sky is absolutely beautiful.

The ultimate greenness of this protected area can please your eyes while the natural life and charm enable you to steer clear of the city bustle. Two of the top highlights of this site are the Ancient Cave and Muong Village. Also, you can try swimming in the transparent and fresh lake, relaxing amidst the enthralling spectacle, eating the special dishes of the locals, etc. Lots of eco-activities await you in this northern part of Vietnam.

Cuc Phuong National Park, Vietnam

Cuc Phuong National Park, Vietnam

#2: Mai Chau Town – The Enchanting Mountainous Area for Ecotourism in Vietnam

About 130km from Hanoi Capital, Mai Chau Town remains poetic, peaceful, mystic, and enchanting to both the locals and overseas tourists. The lovely town is ideal for ecotourism all seasons, with the beautiful rice fields, various kinds of flowers, and traditional ethnic villages. Especially in autumn, the Mai Chau’s terraced rice fields turn yellow which is fascinating enough for the excellent Nature Photography. When it comes to winter, the mist and cloud flying over the rice paddies create the heavenly and fairy sights to cherish.

What’s more, take your time visiting the Thai’s villages in Mai Chau tour. The local houses provide the warm-hearted experiences in watching the local women weaving while their men are doing the farming activities on the fields. At night, the joy becomes boundless when you can taste the Can Wine, sing and dance according to the local rhythm, and eat the local dishes in the circle of the locals and other expats.

Mai Chau Town - The Thai People Valley in Hoa Binh Province, Vietnam

Mai Chau Town – The Thai People Valley in Hoa Binh Province, Vietnam

#3: Tam Coc Bich Dong – One of the Amazing Ecotourism Destinations in Vietnam

As gorgeous as the slice of paradise, the area of Tam Coc – Bich Dong in Ninh Binh Province, around 100km from Hanoi, is the romantic and charming ecotourism destination in Vietnam that you must see at least once. The mystic caves, meandering breathtaking rivers, mesmerizing mountain ranges, blue sky, lush greenness of the rice fields, etc., all together make the eco-tourists fall in love with this site. You might think that the scenery is just like the watercolor painting of Nature.

Standing in front of the bewitching Tam Coc- Bich Dong, almost every eco-soul can say goodbye to the life worries. All thing to do is to enjoy the boat trip, the cave discovery, and the photography opportunities. On the wooden boat sailing downstream, you become a part of the fantastic Nature. This kind of environmentally sensitive and nature-friendly holiday is what you need to find the true self and figure out the real meanings of life.

The Scenic Landscape of Tam Coc - Binh Dong in the North of Vietnam

The Scenic Landscape of Tam Coc – Binh Dong in the North of Vietnam

#4: Ba Be Lake – The Dreamlike Natural Spot for Ecotourism in Vietnam

Around 230km from Hanoi Capital, Ba Be Lake of Bac Kan Province is famed for the dreamlike lake scenery encompassed by the grandiose mountains of limestone and topped by the white clouds as well as the blue sky. All natural components make this Lake one of the incredibly excellent ecotourism destinations in Vietnam. While the online pictures taken in the Lake can say a lot about its matchless charm and beauty, it’s said that the actual Lake in the real time can even beyond beautiful.

The boat trip to Ba Be Lake is the top eco-activity you must enjoy in this destination. The mesmerizing water world is charming throughout the day: mysterious and foggy in the morning; sparkling and captivating in the afternoon; romantic and glamorous in the evening. There are some moments that you can meet the Tay girls being in the Cham’s clothing and the local men sailing their boats.

Ba Be Lake in the North East of Vietnam

Ba Be Lake in the North East of Vietnam

#5: Cat Tien National Park – The Pristine Ecotourism Spot in Vietnam You Should Always See

About 150km from Ho Chi Minh City, Cat Tien National Park is the must-see ecotourism destination in the south of Vietnam. This spot is famous for the primeval evergreen forest, the humid lowland, the rich wildlife of various flora and fauna species. Here, you find thousands of the plants and over 100 types of orchids. Especially, this place was made the 6th World Biosphere Reserve of Vietnam.

The place is rich in the ecosystem, remarkably with the endangered species of plants, mammals, birds, reptiles, and invertebrates. The scenery of the forest and lake is also incredible for the boat ride. In the middle of the dreamlike protected area, you can say out loud the inner anxiety and get it vanished. Furthermore, the campfire in Nam Cat Tien appeals to the groups of eco-tourists who enjoy the funny camping, grilling the potatoes, playing the folk games, and sleeping in the tents. Hiking through the forest also enhances people’s environmental awareness by witnessing the forest and learning the wildlife at night. Take your time feeling the grandeur of the forest, the romance of the rivers or the simple relaxation by walking under the large shades of the age-old trees.

Visit to Cat Tien National Park

Visit to Cat Tien National Park

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These top ecotourism destinations in Vietnam welcome you all to stay clear of the daily life chaos. Idyllic, beautiful, and green, the eco-sites are the relaxing shelter that you long for.

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