Ban Gioc Waterfall is now a spectacular tourist destination for both domestic and international guests. Simply reach the attractive Waterfall from Hanoi within 272 km, and you will soon admit the fact that this is a heavenly manna. The beautiful fall is where many vacationers come to enjoy the nature and revitalize their life.

Ban Gioc Waterfall, Vietnam

What Makes Ban Gioc Waterfall Attractive and Enticing?

Ban Gioc Waterfall is set in Dam Thuy Commune, Trung Khanh District, Cao Bang Province, North-East of Vietnam. It is the largest waterfall in Vietnam. The 30m natural rapids is divided into the three falls due to the presence of rocks and trees. Especially, the thundering effect of the water touches and penetrates the cliffs, which creates the inspirational sounds and interesting shapes of rocks. Such gifted beauty is said to be everlasting and withstand the test of time.

Here is the formation of Ban Gioc Waterfall tourist site that you may feel interested in. It’s informed that the Quay Son River develops from China and runs into Vietnam in Ngoc Khe Commune. When it flows into Dam Thuy Commune of Trung Khanh District, the gentle river moves around the bottom of Co Muong Mountain and then runs to the rice fields of Dam Thuy in direction towards the immense maize alluvial plain belonged to Ban Gioc Village. Right in this area, the natural flow is separated into various branches and also lowers it flow to form Ban Gioc Waterfall.

Ban Gioc Waterfall, Vietnam

From a far distance, it’s feasible to see the water droplet columns which are created by water from Quy Xuan River running down on the hard rocks. Nearby the waterfall, the temperature is greatly cool. It’s the result of the water mist in the air. At the bottom of the waterfall, there stands a huge river whose water is as calm as glass. The whole natural settings are surrounded by a great deal of valuable types of flowers.

The Ban Gioc Fall tourist spot also gains fame and popularity thanks to a famous fish whose name is “tram huong”. To improve your historic senses, let us tell you a story. In the early time of 1920s, the French people began constructing many cottages on the river banks. People came here mainly to relax, hunt deer, and also fish for “tram huong” of course.

At present, it’s evident that the breathtaking fall is a shelter for everybody to rest and gain peace. Besides the fresh air, the picturesque landscape in Ban Gioc Waterfall tourist site evolves the poetic and decent zone. The quiet charm of water, evergreen forest, and calm clouds make up the awesome background for sightseeing as well as resting and photographing. Meanwhile, the mountainous ethnic minorities around help enhance the atmosphere in Trung Khanh District, Cao Bang province. The young individuals and ethnic groups greatly appreciate the beautiful verses about the attractive fall as:

How wonderful Ban Gioc Waterfall is!

In Vietnam, no another fall can be more beautiful.

The biggest waterfall is calling for your interest, so why don’t you go see Ban Gioc Waterfall at Cao Bang right away? This naturally exquisite spot is powerful enough to harmonize your spiritual and physical health throughout your North-East Vietnam Adventure Tour to visit Ban Gioc Waterfall.